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Hmm...Things Have Changed

Wow what a change from about this time last year. Last year their was a primary that seemed to drag on and now the winner President Barrack Obama is working to help America out of the global recession. Peoples outlooks have changed and consumer confidence is non-existent. The big three are trying to do everything to get bail out money just to survive the recession.

Who's fault was the recession anyway, should we even place blame? To me it doesn't matter who's at fault, what matters to me is how and when are we going to get out of the recession? I'm not an economist but I do think that if we are to make it out of this recession some concessions are going to made. What kind of concessions, pay cuts, work share, or more lay offs? If the markets are deflating some of that deflation should be seen in the cost of living but I haven't seen any reductions.

One thing I'm sure of is that the cost of living has increased and a lot of wages have not been increasing. But is cutting jobs and begging governments for bail outs the answer? My opinion is that the cost of the items we need to purchase a new car is far to high and I'm not just talking about Canadian prices. On the whole the price of items have increased and other than retailers offering a lot more sales on their products. But anyway my opinion is just a drop in the bucket of what is the cause of this recession.

What do you think? Would lower prices on almost all goods and services help us out of this global recession?