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My thoughts on Canada's Election 2011

What can I say about the current election going on?  Well the house of commons is going to look a little different after May 2nd.  Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrats seems to be surging ahead of Michael Ignatieff and inching closer to the Tories in the polls.  Both Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff have started to attack Jack Layton's platform in this election.

I don't know how many seats the NDP can get but it still seems like something is missing from this election.  Oh...wait a tic...The Block Quebecois is missing...dropped right off the playing field.  Will Quebec finally stop supporting a party that can only affect change by voting against the ruling party in the House of Commons?  In my opinion, it's time they did.

Anyway, I'm not really a political analyst but one thing I'm certain about; May 2nd, I will be casting my vote.  One vote can make a difference.  Well I hope you've enjoyed my thoughts on the current election, I will leave you with one more question.  Who do you think is going to win this election?


Where does the time go?

Have you found yourself asking yourself the question "Where does the time go?" I know I have. In my opinion, it doesn't matter where time goes after it passes, it is fleeting in its nature but sometimes it moves so slowly seconds seem like hours. In any case time can pass quickly or slowly, it all depends on your state of mind I think.

For example, "A watched pot never boils." This gem of wisdom is perfect to describe how time can be perceived. Realistically, a pot of water will take the same amount of time to boil regardless of whether or not the pot of water is being watched. Our perception governs how long divisions of time take to pass.

There are more gems of wisdom to describe passage of time, "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans." This one rings true to so many different people. I could even use the last gem of wisdom as an excuse as to why I haven't posted in some time. In any case, I am taking the time to write a post for any one to read. I hope you have enjoyed this random thought put to paper. =)