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Care to Gamble?

I don't normally review websites here, but today I feel like breaking out of the norm. Recently I came across an interesting website, almost by accident. The website was called '' and their niche is reviewing online casino websites. I stopped and took a look.

They have reviews for many sites, with descriptions and screen shots of the gaming rooms. I thought I'd take a look at one of the reviews for Texas Hold 'em Poker while I was there. They rate every site, and it appears that gamers on the website vote for their favourites. The website review I was reading was for the Cameo Casino, the editor of the review gave them an "editor's opinion" of 85. You can also find ratings on graphics, speed, fair play and the most important to the online gambler, the speed you can withdraw funds at. The editor also gave the website a rating of 83 for customer support, also very important.

All in all, I found the website very informative, maybe you should stop by and see if there are any online gambling websites you'd like to join.

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Used Cargo Trailers said...

It's my money, my connection and my life. What is wrong with gambling online? Who am I hurting so much that it needs to be outlawed?

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