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Gas Prices Going Up!

What do you think of current gas prices? Are they too high for you? Well they certainly are too high for me. The current unfolding story of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is helping to force the price of oil higher. Oil prices for a February contract gained almost a dollar. As if our society needs higher prices.

We all can't do much to reduce the cost of oil, but there are lots of people who can affect change. Here in Canada, we can get a tax deduction for using public transportation, making your old bus passes diamonds in the rough. I'm even reconsidering the commute to work. But with new technologies and alternative fuels on the horizon, it is imperative for all of us to invest what we can into renewable fuels. Bio diesel is made from dirty oil previously used in deep fryers, ethanol can be produced from corn, with all the farmland we have it is possible we can create a sustainable renewable fuel industry.

Our economy is facing a challenge because of current events affecting the prices of goods. The poor are being stamped out by rising costs, not just on oil but everything. Pretty soon bottled water could cost upwards of $5 for a small bottle, that just tells me that our society is so obsessed with making a buck that we have forgotten how to live off the land. Our industrialization of the world has created many problems for us to solve, global warming is only one of them. Rising prices on oil really haven't done a lot to encourage alternative fuels, but it is time to start! What's your opinion?

New Story: Oil prices higher on tighter U.S. supply, Bhutto death

Image: 19 ways to improve MPG -


Still More Breaking News

Another update on the unfolding story of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Apparently Bhutto has a book that is slated to premier in February 2008. The book is called 'Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West' and is co-written by Mark Seigel. This past Thursday, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a gunman/suicide bomber. Just how will her death will affect sales of the book? In most cases, books that have been written by people who have died recently or in this case, murdered usually sell better than others. However, an assassination is by far, not considered to be a publicity stunt, its more of a coincidence that such books sell better. Also people's curiousity compells them to purchase said books.

What will be in this book? Will the book give us any insight as to why Bhutto was assassinated? Only time will tell. What's your opinion, will the book do well?

Image: Anjum Naveed/Associated Press
News Story: Bhutto book to be published in February: reports


I Read It In the News Today

I first heard of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination at work today. One of my coworkers had asked me if I had heard anything on the radio about it. At the time I had no idea, nor had I heard about it. So when I got home, I opened my email from Reuters Alert net and found a story on it, which was more about world leaders urging Pakistan to stay democratic, then about the assassination of their former Prime Minister. I also took a look on my favourite website for news, the C.B.C., and found a story blaming the Taliban and al-Qaeda for the assassination. My first thoughts were, its been a long time since I've heard anything about al-Qaeda. I know that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto may not make a lot of front pages, but the death of Pakistan's first female Prime Minister is tragic. It can be viewed as an attack on democracy.

I understand that this event can be seen as an attack on democracy, but what does the assassination mean for the Pakistani people? The only person I know from Pakistan didn't comment, so I am left to guess on this one. My opinion is that the assassination of an opposition leader almost two weeks before an election will certainly impact the upcoming elections. Most definitely the party will have to choose another leader, unless the party has a deputy leader. But as for the long term affects of the assassination, I'm left guessing. I don't know a lot about Pakistan, I know it is a Muslim country, and I know that it used to be part of India. The coming days will show the world just how much impact this assassination will have on Pakistan's future.

I'm not going to claim to know a lot about Pakistan, or even that I've read a lot, but from what I have read the people of Pakistan are willing to stand up for themselves. Whether or not the people of Pakistan are willing to stand up for democracy may well be an unfolding story in the coming weeks. But if they elect a woman for Prime Minister and she serves two terms, then I am led to believe that democracy is something that Pakistan is willing to fight for. What do you think?

News Stories: World leaders urge Pakistan to stay democratic course and Taliban, al-Qaeda behind Bhutto assassination: Pakistan government

Image: P.B.S. Wide angle


Personalize Your Blanket

Are you into personalized stuff? Do you have a camera? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then Picture Blankets might just be in your future. They don't just offer blankets with your pictures on them, you can get a pillow with a picture of your favourite niece, or a dog bed with your dog's picture on it. I can't forget about their offer for 'photo bedding,' your bed spread could show off the pictures that you hold dear.

How many times have you run out of picture frames to show off your favourite family photos, why not get them placed on a pillow for your couch? With your favourite pictures on your couch, there's no need for more picture frames to show off you family photos, your couch becomes your canvas. And your not just limited to one picture, you can have up to 16 photos on a blanket. They're great gift ideas, stop by Vision Bedding and see for yourself.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody! I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has stopped by, even if you didn't leave a comment. To everybody on Blog catalogue, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Its still early in the morning here, but the days events will be starting soon. This year I get to cook the Turkey Dinner!

And just in case I forget, have a Happy New Year as well!


International Year of Astronomy

Have you done any planning for 2008? The start of a new year is close, only a few days away. How much thought have you put into the new year, do you make any New Years Resolutions? Personally I don't make any New Years Resolutions, but I do look forward to the start of a new year. Although I haven't put a thought into 2009, an article I found on C.B.C.s website made me think about it.

The United Nations has declared 2009 the International Year of Astronomy. This is good, for the space program, mostly for the boost in general interest in space. Telescopes may be on your wish list for next Christmas. But how is the U.N. going to bolster support? Just proclaiming the year 2009 International Year of Astronomy doesn't really peak a lot of peoples interest. But the fact that its the 400 years ago Galileo was the first to make discoveries using a telescope might peak a few peoples interest. How about you, would you buy a telescope just because the U.N. appoints 2009 as International Year of Astronomy?

News Story: 2009 to be International Year of Astronomy, UN declares
Image Source: KrazyKyote


Climate Change Conference Fallout

I was reading an interesting article on the B.B.C.s website today. Even though the article wasn't exactly about idling cars, it was about a European Union proposal to fine car manufacturers for producing cars that emit more CO2 then a set average limit. Some green enthusiasts are not thrilled about the proposal and some Car manufacturers are up in arms over it. But the E.U. is committed to being a world leader in cutting CO2 emissions.

Germany's BMW and France's Peugeot are calling it an unprecedented move. They don't see the benefits of a reduction in CO2 emissions, at least that's my point of view. The move was to show the world that the E.U. is committed to reducing greenhouse gases, which sounds like a move that is coming on the heels of the recent U.N. Climate Conference in Bali, Indonesia. One of the major contributors to the increase in greenhouse gases is the automobile industry.

Lets think about it for a second. How many cars can you find on the average road at any given time? What happens when the volume of those vehicles increase to the point where highways and motorways are nothing more than parking lots? How much idling is each individual car doing during a 45 km commute when traffic is moving at a rate of 0 to 50km/h? I know that taking public transit is less convenient than driving to and from work, I've had to do it on more than one occassion. The solution to averting the more drastic affects of climate change is out there, we just have to look for it.

I think the E.U.s proposal for setting fines for cars that produce more than a set limit of CO2 per kilometre is a step in the right direction. From what I've seen, most proposals for reducing greenhouse gases are anti-economical, but what is more devastating, increasing the temperature of our planet to the point where it's not habitable or having to spend money to avert killing our planet? We all have the power to find a solution to the current crisis our environment is facing, but all these baracades that business' are puting up in the name of profit have to be removed. If not for us, then for our children and our children's children. What do you think?

Image source: Canada-News
News Story: German ire at EU fine on car CO2


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Most of the cash advances from these payday loan websites vary from $100 to $1500. Of course these websites are going to ask for some personal information, typically from a secure page. Unfortunately, these offers are only available to U.S. citizens, considering I hail from Canada and was redirected when I went to visit one of the recommended websites. If you're strapped for cash and your car payment is about to bounce because your just a little short before payday, I'm sure one of these recommended sites can help you out.

Image source: Ekko Realty


Another Thought of the Day: Bloggers Unite!

About a month ago, I joined the group 'Bloggers Unite' on Blog Catalog. The main reason I joined was because I had heard the amazing results from the previous 'Bloggers Unite' day. This one is for an act of kindness. Now for me, doing something kind for some one, is an everyday occurrence. Whether it be the simple act of opening a door for someone coming out or going into a coffee shop, or something more notable.

Today, was a little different then most. This morning when I went into the coffee shop to get my morning coffee, there was hardly any body there and not very many people to open a door for. I thought that was a little odd, but understandable considering the large amount of snow the heavens dumped on us. So I thought maybe there might be something nice I could do for one of my co-workers, not much I could do there either, because it seemed like everyone was working against me on this one act of kindness. And then, after I had managed to pull my car into my driveway, I noticed that my neighbour was stuck in the snow. I offered to give him a push to get out of the snow, but he politely refused my help.

No what this day has taught me, is that, an act of kindness should be spontaneous and not forced. Granted that on one day, thousands of people doing something kind for their fellow member of the species on paper is definitely a spectacle deserving air time on the big news networks. But when you have to force yourself to be kind, I think that says something about our society. What is it about being kind that so many of us find so hard to do? Are we just to busy to notice that some one could use just a little help?

In today's on demand world, we end up walking around with blinders on. We only see what we have in front of us, no one has time to stop and smell the flowers any more. Opportunities to commit simple acts of kindness, which can have many benefits, fall in the gutter as we putter around worrying about number one. You don't lose that much time by helping another, or do you? Personally it is worrying that going into the Holiday season, so many people who deserve the small acts of kindness that make so much of a difference will end up getting stepped on.

In conclusion, it is far better to take an extra second or two to open the door for a stranger than to force oneself to commit an act of kindness. Just one act of kindness is good, but think about what we could accomplish if everyone took that extra minute or two they find in the day to help some one out. If we have to force our self to be kind for a day just to have a topic to blog about what kind of race have we become? Even though its the survival of the fittest, we are now living in much different times than we were even twenty years ago. We are all supposed to be civilized, but at times we all fail to show our civility to our fellow man. Its not just supposed to be one day to make a difference when you talk about being kind, its more of an on going process that we all must work towards. We can accomplish great things if we all just get along! So the next time you have an opportunity to be kind, don't miss it because you're wrapped up in the every hustle and bustle of life, take it because you just might make a difference.


Winter Storm a Brewin'

The photos from this post were taken from my camera phone this morning. I remember hearing the news of a Winter Storm watch from some of my co-workers on Friday, I also got to hear about it from the Weather Network. I went outside this morning with my first coffee of the day, and was a little shocked to see so much snow already. I pulled out my cell phone and snapped off a couple of photos from my front porch. They're actually pretty good considering they came from a cell phone.

The view from my porch reminded me of the last big snow storm that hit my area last year. Snow Storms can be crippling if you have to commute back and forth from work, highways can be closed or nothing more than a parking lot. I remember I was one of the people who decided that it would be safe enough for me to drive to work, bad idea on my part. I ended up getting stuck about 30 to 40 times just trying to get from the main street to my driveway.

This year, the winter storm came early! We are not even officially at the start of winter and we're already buried in snow. I wish I had cleared my driveway a little earlier in the day, because the picture I took of the mountain of snow that is now running up the side of my driveway did not turn out as good as I had hoped. Maybe I'll take another one next time it snows, I'm sure if it snows again the mountain of snow will grow from four feet to six or even seven feet. I've already thought of a name for my newly created mountain of snow, 'Majik Mountain!' I know it seems kind of vain to name a mountain after yourself, but I built it, hence the name.

I'm sure that this winter is going to be much colder than the previous six, considering that we only received about a quarter inch of snow before Christmas. I think that this year we will have a white Christmas! The thought of a white Christmas has me thinking of putting up my Christmas tree now, I usually leave it till the last weekend before Christmas, maybe I'll have my tree up by tomorrow!


Not Your Typical Nude Beach!

This certainly isn't your typical Nude Beach! I found this story on it was really quite interesting. Actor and director Mary Walsh is looking to get more of these types of photos. Mary Walsh is using these bare back and bottom shots for part of her sign off for a new TV show she calls Nudity, Sexuality, Violence and Coarse Language.

Apparently the most recent picture was taken in -11 degree temperatures. Thats just a little too cold for me. She also says her next stop to take the next picture of this sort is in Calgary, Alberta. 50 people showed up for the first shoot, but in Calgary, it's much colder than eastern Canada. She compared this photos shoot to being in the Garden of Eden, probably much colder than the Garden would be.

If you had a chance to be in one of these photos, would you?

News Article: Nude St. John's waterfront TV shoot attracts 50


Ashop Brings You and E-commerce Together

I found some interesting shopping cart software last night while I was searching for news stories to comment on. I didn't really stay on the page for very long, but long enough to read a few of the offers they have. Now this software is mostly for small business' looking to find online customers. If I had my own business and I was looking for some e-commerce software, I would definitely be taking a closer look.

I'm sure your asking why you would use this software, well setting up your own online store is easy and it only takes 10 minutes. They also offer web promotion, design services, domain registration, and have tips to optimize your page to get noticed by search engines. Just getting noticed by search engines is a big deal. I don't know how many times I've visited peoples blogs whose niche is Search Engine Optimization.

When I finally am able to start my own business, if I need any e-commerce solutions, I will definitely go back to their page and sign up. From what I've seen, they have a very competitive price, and from some of the testimonials I read while I was on their website, I'm pretty much sold. How about you? Would you be interested in giving their software the 10 day trial they're offering?


Yo Ho Ho Matey!

The Pirates of the Atlantic have been rubbed out for years now, but a new group of pirates is surfacing off the coast of Somalia. I was reading an article I found on Reuters Alert net about pirates seizing a Japanese ship carrying Benzene that was originally bound for Israel. Apparently the hijackers (pirates) struck a deal with the shipping company for the safe release of the crew.

I'm sure if had this been back in the 1600's or 1700's or maybe even the 1800's the pirates would have been a little more malicious then the report states. The times have certainly changed, but they must change, life would stagnate without change. Anyway, the article reports that the hijackers and the owners had struck a deal for the safe release of the crew. One of the pirates came forward with a ransom sum, $500,000. Now half a million is quite a bit of money, but if they had hijacked a different ship, they probably could have plundered more than half a million dollars worth of goods.

The U.S. Navy was even called in, they open fired on runner ships leaving the seized vessel. Apparently there has been several ships hijacked in the same area this year. I'm sure the U.S. Navy will be around to try and prevent further hijackings, but that's not to say there won't be anymore. Hm, modern day pirates, not something you hear about every day is it?

Image source: Wiki media Commons
News Article: Somali pirates leave Japan-owned ship, crew safe


Climate Change and Penguins!

Are you worried about Antarctic Penguins? If you're worried about Global Warming, then you should be worried about them. One of the hot topics at the U.N. Climate Change conference in Bali, Indonesia is the penguins. Climate change doesn't just affect our population but animal populations as well. The Antarctic peninsula is disappearing at an alarming rate, which affects four species of penguins, the Emperor Penguin, the Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie. There was a report on Antarctic Penguins and Climate Change, inside the report were some numbers, apparently there is 40% less sea ice coverage than there was 26 years ago.

Clearly Global Warming is not just a myth, our planet is warming and we are the only ones that can slow the effects. Do we have to see these Antarctic icons disappear before we begin to do slow the process of Global Warming? Granted an individuals efforts may seem to be in vain, but more of the worlds populace is taking note. The purpose of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia is to draft a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which will hopefully encompass more than the 36 industrialized nations included in the Kyoto Protocol.

Will the new accord be adopted by all the nations? Only time will tell, reports from the Bali conference are still coming in. I'm hoping that this new Protocol will get adopted by all nations, considering some major nations have rejected the Kyoto Protocol on the premise that it doesn't encompass newer emerging industrialized nations. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for the sake of our planet!

News article: Reuters Alert net - Antarctica's penguins threatened by global warming
Image Source: PBS - Penguins Wallpaper


Time is Money, Make the Most of It!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to BlogHave you ever wanted to do something with your time on the Internet? Want to cash in on some of these rags to riches stories that saturate the Internet? Do you have your own weblog'? Well why not get paid to blog? An opportunity could be waiting for you to make some money from 'blogging' in your spare time. I happened on this website and I thought I would give it a try. So far I've had a couple of opportunities, granted the opportunities are emailed to you, but that just leaves more time to write a quality post!

What blogger out there wouldn't want to get paid for blogging? If you had an opportunity to make some money paid to your pay pal account weekly, why wouldn't you want to take that opportunity? Sometimes it can be hard to write new content everyday, I know I've struggled with the mighty demon also referred to as 'writers block,' joining Smorty will help you to write something. Having a topic to post about certainly helps you to break out of the blank page and fill it with your opinion.

Sure there are rules, but there are also more benefits than just having something to write about. I certainly would like to go on about this form of blog advertising, but I think you would not want to check it out for yourself. I'm sure that when your first post gets approved, you will be thankful that you didn't miss an opportunity!


Sensors Smensors

Today was supposed to be the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, but thanks to some bad readings from sensors in the shuttle's liquid oxygen tank, the launch was scrubbed. C.N.N. reported that N.A.S.A. has scrubbed the launch today, officials say they will attempt a launch tomorrow.

On board the shuttle Atlantis is the European Space Agencies contribution to the International Space Station, the Columbus lab. The lab ensures Europe's bid for low orbit research. The E.S.A. has been waiting for this for a long time. Their module has been in the U.S. waiting for its scheduled flight to add it to the station for far too long. The delay in the scheduled launch turned out to be a good thing for the E.S.A. as they were able to upgrade some of the on-board electronics before launch.

Hopefully the members of the E.S.A. that flew into watch their project finally begin the trip to the station won't leave the launch pad disappointed. N.A.S.A. has said that these sensors have given them troubles in the past. Lets all hope the shuttle manages to leave the launch pad on Friday in all its usually glory, with out incident!

The Story that inspired this post: NASA scrubs Atlantis launch
Image Source: Wiki media Commons


Care to Gamble?

I don't normally review websites here, but today I feel like breaking out of the norm. Recently I came across an interesting website, almost by accident. The website was called '' and their niche is reviewing online casino websites. I stopped and took a look.

They have reviews for many sites, with descriptions and screen shots of the gaming rooms. I thought I'd take a look at one of the reviews for Texas Hold 'em Poker while I was there. They rate every site, and it appears that gamers on the website vote for their favourites. The website review I was reading was for the Cameo Casino, the editor of the review gave them an "editor's opinion" of 85. You can also find ratings on graphics, speed, fair play and the most important to the online gambler, the speed you can withdraw funds at. The editor also gave the website a rating of 83 for customer support, also very important.

All in all, I found the website very informative, maybe you should stop by and see if there are any online gambling websites you'd like to join.

Image source:


Canadian Company Goes Global

I was sitting at the Chiropractor's office today just waiting for my appointment, and I picked up a copy of today's 'National Post.' I found a rather interesting article about a company called 'Agrium.' Now in this article, it describes the strength of the agricultural sector right now and how Agrium has recently been acquiring a few other companies and have effectively placed themselves in the global marketplace. Not bad for a Canadian based company.

I think the strength of the Canadian dollar against the 'greenback' has contributed the recent acquisitions of Agrium. A stronger dollar will give you more buying power. This has been some of the best financial news I've heard since the dollar began its rise to par. As I write this article the little 'widget' I have on my side bar is telling me that the Canadian dollar has slipped a little to just under par, but its still close to the greenback. Back to Agrium, the latest release was the acquisition of U.A.P. Holding Corporation for a very large sum, I believe the article states the sum as $2.65 billion U.S.D.. Agrium gains $1 billion in equity as well as their stocks trading higher on stock exchanges.

Is this just the first of more possible purchases between Canadian companies and American? Well since Canadians have been outraged about higher prices here in Canada compared to prices in the U.S., people have be doing some cross border shopping to get the most out of their dollar. I can't really blame them, but now we have new sales praising the dollars recent rise, whether or not that will discourage cross border shopping remains to be seen. With a stronger Canadian dollar, retailers are forced to lower prices to prevent cross border shopping, but the dollar has been on the rise for more than year, we should have seen a decrease before having to go to the media or cross the border for shopping just to get retailers to listen to us.



Another step forward for the International Space Station

Recently I received an email from Reuters Alert net. I subscribe to this email because I like to stay on top of breaking news. I came across an interesting story about the International Space Station, the article was called Space Station lab will boost Europe's status in space. Inside the article were a few details on the next shuttle launch slated for this week. The European contribution to the International Space Station, the Columbus science lab, is ready to become apart of the station. This is good news for those who have been waiting to see the completed station in orbit.

I've been following the construction story of the International Space Station (I.S.S.) since Expedition 2. I paid the most attention when Canada's own Chris Hadfield left the airlock on the shuttle to install the Canada Arm 2. Unfortunately, terrorist activities halted the construction of the station for a few years. You can't always be prepared for the unexpected and the tragic events of 9/11 caught almost the entire world by surprise. But now that construction is going ahead, mankind is one step closer to leaving low earth orbit.

The I.S.S. is a good testing ground for new technologies that we will need if we are to go back to the Moon and then on to Mars. We still have to implement a shielding system to keep the cosmic radiation out side of the space craft. Not to mention that the space craft that goes to Mars will have to be assembled in space. The I.S.S. is the stepping stone or gateway to other worlds in the sense that the knowledge we acquire from constructing the station will be applied and improved upon during construction of interplanetary space craft. How important do you think it is to finish construction of the International Space Station?

Image Source National Space Science Data Center


My Thought of the Day!

Well, December is here. And so is the cold of winter, at least the beginning of the cold winter. As for what December brings, for me its a lot of work, long commute times in bad weather, and a family dinner on Christmas day. What I'm really looking forward to, is the time away from work during the last two weeks of this month. Fortunately, I get a little more time off this year than last year, which is a good thing. Must be because I'm in a different job.

As for whats to come for my blog, time will tell. Inspiration could hit at anytime, hopefully I won't be striken with writers block this month. In the past couple of months, I've been struggling with it. I've had to do a lot of stumbling through different websites just to find a topic or story that inspires me. I just hope that this month brings more visitors to this site. Last month, traffic could have been better, hopefully my daily average visitors increases to 20. Thats my goal, 20 visitors a day! Any suggestions to help me achieve that goal, please leave a comment. Anyway, that's all for this post, till next time, Peace!!