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Gas Prices Going Up!

What do you think of current gas prices? Are they too high for you? Well they certainly are too high for me. The current unfolding story of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is helping to force the price of oil higher. Oil prices for a February contract gained almost a dollar. As if our society needs higher prices.

We all can't do much to reduce the cost of oil, but there are lots of people who can affect change. Here in Canada, we can get a tax deduction for using public transportation, making your old bus passes diamonds in the rough. I'm even reconsidering the commute to work. But with new technologies and alternative fuels on the horizon, it is imperative for all of us to invest what we can into renewable fuels. Bio diesel is made from dirty oil previously used in deep fryers, ethanol can be produced from corn, with all the farmland we have it is possible we can create a sustainable renewable fuel industry.

Our economy is facing a challenge because of current events affecting the prices of goods. The poor are being stamped out by rising costs, not just on oil but everything. Pretty soon bottled water could cost upwards of $5 for a small bottle, that just tells me that our society is so obsessed with making a buck that we have forgotten how to live off the land. Our industrialization of the world has created many problems for us to solve, global warming is only one of them. Rising prices on oil really haven't done a lot to encourage alternative fuels, but it is time to start! What's your opinion?

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