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Personalize Your Blanket

Are you into personalized stuff? Do you have a camera? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then Picture Blankets might just be in your future. They don't just offer blankets with your pictures on them, you can get a pillow with a picture of your favourite niece, or a dog bed with your dog's picture on it. I can't forget about their offer for 'photo bedding,' your bed spread could show off the pictures that you hold dear.

How many times have you run out of picture frames to show off your favourite family photos, why not get them placed on a pillow for your couch? With your favourite pictures on your couch, there's no need for more picture frames to show off you family photos, your couch becomes your canvas. And your not just limited to one picture, you can have up to 16 photos on a blanket. They're great gift ideas, stop by Vision Bedding and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly fun way to save your photo memories. I think that taking your child's baby pictures and putting them on a special blanket would be a wonderful gift for them to cherish. Thanks for sharing. I plan to go check this out.

Used Cargo Trailers said...

I am looking for University of Michigan. Also i don't want to spend more than $40.00. Where can i find a website that can purchase one online?

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