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Hats off

Let me say "Hats off" to Elizabeth May of the Green Party.  If I haven't said "Congratulations" for your work to get elected on May 1st, I'm saying it now.  I don't normally sway too much from the parties I have voted for in the past, but in the short time since the election, I believe that Canadians need to see more of Green Party.

I have recently had a few moments to read a few of Elizabeth May's blog, and I am starting to think we need more politicians like her.  I was looking through the list of people who are following me on Twitter and I found that both Elizabeth May and Jack Layton are on that list.  I can only hope once in a while they will pop by here and have a read, but I digress.  I was heading towards a tangent.  Anyway, I found her blog through Twitter and I was very pleasantly surprised.  The first post I read told me more about what our elected officials are working towards accomplishing on the federal politics stage.

The New Democrats normally get my vote, I was one of the swing voters in the last election.  I changed my vote when I watched the confidence vote that brought down the last minority government on TV.  I didn't want to go back to the polls...and as much as I despise the Liberals, I have to admit the election was necessary.  I'm sure after all the results are in, everybody was happy to see a Conservative majority with Jack Layton and the New Democrats opposing in the House.  Most importantly we have Elizabeth May in Parliament.  Granted she has a lot to prove to help bring more Greens into House, but I am certain she will go above and beyond not just for her party but for all Canadians.  I think we should see more of Elizabeth May's kind of politics in Canada.  Let me know if you agree with me.


A Blemish On Our Image

The Stanley Cup finals are over, Boston has ended their cup drought.  Vancouver's first cup however will have to wait.  After the game...I am almost ashamed to say this but...riots in the streets of Vancouver.

Such shameful behavior. This is not what is supposed to happen after a huge loss at home.  All those fans should be ashamed of themselves.  Later reports show that the rest of the city has pitched in to clean up after the riots.  Although the riots have been cleaned up, the taint left behind from the riots is what will most likely be remembered.

After watching the whole event on TV, I am left with a question.  "What would happen if that had been Toronto losing the cup at home?"  Would the Maple Leaf fans start a riot on the streets of Toronto?  Its hard to say considering the Leafs have not made the playoffs since the lock out.  One thing I would hope is that the Maple Leaf fans who are accustomed to failure in the playoffs would take the loss a little better than Vancouver.   If I remember correctly, the fans in other Canadian cities who's teams have lost the Stanley Cup in game 7's have not started riots.  Suck it up Vancouver and look towards next season!