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Time is Money, Make the Most of It!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to BlogHave you ever wanted to do something with your time on the Internet? Want to cash in on some of these rags to riches stories that saturate the Internet? Do you have your own weblog'? Well why not get paid to blog? An opportunity could be waiting for you to make some money from 'blogging' in your spare time. I happened on this website and I thought I would give it a try. So far I've had a couple of opportunities, granted the opportunities are emailed to you, but that just leaves more time to write a quality post!

What blogger out there wouldn't want to get paid for blogging? If you had an opportunity to make some money paid to your pay pal account weekly, why wouldn't you want to take that opportunity? Sometimes it can be hard to write new content everyday, I know I've struggled with the mighty demon also referred to as 'writers block,' joining Smorty will help you to write something. Having a topic to post about certainly helps you to break out of the blank page and fill it with your opinion.

Sure there are rules, but there are also more benefits than just having something to write about. I certainly would like to go on about this form of blog advertising, but I think you would not want to check it out for yourself. I'm sure that when your first post gets approved, you will be thankful that you didn't miss an opportunity!


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