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Not Your Typical Nude Beach!

This certainly isn't your typical Nude Beach! I found this story on it was really quite interesting. Actor and director Mary Walsh is looking to get more of these types of photos. Mary Walsh is using these bare back and bottom shots for part of her sign off for a new TV show she calls Nudity, Sexuality, Violence and Coarse Language.

Apparently the most recent picture was taken in -11 degree temperatures. Thats just a little too cold for me. She also says her next stop to take the next picture of this sort is in Calgary, Alberta. 50 people showed up for the first shoot, but in Calgary, it's much colder than eastern Canada. She compared this photos shoot to being in the Garden of Eden, probably much colder than the Garden would be.

If you had a chance to be in one of these photos, would you?

News Article: Nude St. John's waterfront TV shoot attracts 50


allyt said...

I'd do it... anything to get this booty famous. ha ha

CPU Pulse said...

The only way I would do it is if they where paying me a lot of money. Out there in that cold like that? Thats nuts lol

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