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Winter Storm a Brewin'

The photos from this post were taken from my camera phone this morning. I remember hearing the news of a Winter Storm watch from some of my co-workers on Friday, I also got to hear about it from the Weather Network. I went outside this morning with my first coffee of the day, and was a little shocked to see so much snow already. I pulled out my cell phone and snapped off a couple of photos from my front porch. They're actually pretty good considering they came from a cell phone.

The view from my porch reminded me of the last big snow storm that hit my area last year. Snow Storms can be crippling if you have to commute back and forth from work, highways can be closed or nothing more than a parking lot. I remember I was one of the people who decided that it would be safe enough for me to drive to work, bad idea on my part. I ended up getting stuck about 30 to 40 times just trying to get from the main street to my driveway.

This year, the winter storm came early! We are not even officially at the start of winter and we're already buried in snow. I wish I had cleared my driveway a little earlier in the day, because the picture I took of the mountain of snow that is now running up the side of my driveway did not turn out as good as I had hoped. Maybe I'll take another one next time it snows, I'm sure if it snows again the mountain of snow will grow from four feet to six or even seven feet. I've already thought of a name for my newly created mountain of snow, 'Majik Mountain!' I know it seems kind of vain to name a mountain after yourself, but I built it, hence the name.

I'm sure that this winter is going to be much colder than the previous six, considering that we only received about a quarter inch of snow before Christmas. I think that this year we will have a white Christmas! The thought of a white Christmas has me thinking of putting up my Christmas tree now, I usually leave it till the last weekend before Christmas, maybe I'll have my tree up by tomorrow!


Tony said...

Hi David,
Those photos came out pretty good considering, i'll have to get myself a cellphone with a camera.
Last night we had around 8 inches but that was our second snowfall this year, the last one a couple of weeks back gave us about 5 inches.
This year the snow has come much earlier than in previous years and much more of it so I have to agree with you, for us too it looks like it's going to be a bad winter.
May as well enjoy it (from the window) and stay inside.
Great photos, look forward to the next ones.

Merry Christmas,

Kathryn said...

Beautiful snow pics! If you're not in the mood for Christmas, I am! Enjoy.l

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