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I Read It In the News Today

I first heard of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination at work today. One of my coworkers had asked me if I had heard anything on the radio about it. At the time I had no idea, nor had I heard about it. So when I got home, I opened my email from Reuters Alert net and found a story on it, which was more about world leaders urging Pakistan to stay democratic, then about the assassination of their former Prime Minister. I also took a look on my favourite website for news, the C.B.C., and found a story blaming the Taliban and al-Qaeda for the assassination. My first thoughts were, its been a long time since I've heard anything about al-Qaeda. I know that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto may not make a lot of front pages, but the death of Pakistan's first female Prime Minister is tragic. It can be viewed as an attack on democracy.

I understand that this event can be seen as an attack on democracy, but what does the assassination mean for the Pakistani people? The only person I know from Pakistan didn't comment, so I am left to guess on this one. My opinion is that the assassination of an opposition leader almost two weeks before an election will certainly impact the upcoming elections. Most definitely the party will have to choose another leader, unless the party has a deputy leader. But as for the long term affects of the assassination, I'm left guessing. I don't know a lot about Pakistan, I know it is a Muslim country, and I know that it used to be part of India. The coming days will show the world just how much impact this assassination will have on Pakistan's future.

I'm not going to claim to know a lot about Pakistan, or even that I've read a lot, but from what I have read the people of Pakistan are willing to stand up for themselves. Whether or not the people of Pakistan are willing to stand up for democracy may well be an unfolding story in the coming weeks. But if they elect a woman for Prime Minister and she serves two terms, then I am led to believe that democracy is something that Pakistan is willing to fight for. What do you think?

News Stories: World leaders urge Pakistan to stay democratic course and Taliban, al-Qaeda behind Bhutto assassination: Pakistan government

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