ss_blog_claim=8dcabb3175f064b32823a45ed345083b Majik's Thoughts: May 2010


Server Transfer

Wow!!! It was worth the $25 transfer fee. Am I ever glad I transferred my paladin tank to a different server. On the old server I could not pug a 25 man group that could get past much more than Marrowgar. On the first run I had on the new server we managed to get to Saurfang and got him to 3% on our first attempt. Unfortunately we didn't have the ranged DPS we needed to get him down but things are looking up.

I brought some of my old guild with me to the new server just to make things easier when we got there. It seems a nice chunk of the guild membership has transferred over. Now we can progress through Icecrown Citadel with more ease and less repair bills. It won't be long now until we all are sporting the King Slayer titles.