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Boston Bruins @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Well Tyler Seguin walked into Toronto hoping they could walk out with a win, but Boston has to settle for a shoot out loss. Phil Kessel and Nazem Kadri found the back of the net in the shoot out. I caught a few minutes of the post game wrap up on Leafs TV and you could hear the fans chanting "Thank you Kessel!"

Over all I thought the whole team really pulled together to get the much needed 2 points tonight. Toronto was coming off a bad loss to Edmonton and this was just what the Leafs needed to start a road trip. But what a game that was, Tim Thomas stood on his head stopping 38 of 40 shots.

I really hope the Leafs build on this win. They've got games against two hard teams to play against in the Capitals and the Penguins. Having forward Colby Armstrong back made a huge difference in the Leafs play tonight, he added some much needed grit and presence in front of the net. I'm looking forward to the next game, hope I won't be disappointed.


Edmonton Oilers @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Taylor Hall and the Edmonton Oilers walked into Toronto and leave with a shutout. Final 5-0; T.O. shut out again. This was a tough game for me to watch...the Maple Leafs forgot to show for the game? I don't know what happened, but what ever lesson the Leafs need to learn from this game is a tough one!

The Leafs got a lot of chances on net, Khabibulin stood on his head. Toronto has to learn how to find the back of the net, and fast. The A.C.C. booed the Leafs off the ice and rightly so. The fans are hard to please especially when the last time the cup was hoisted by a Leaf was in 1967! Granted the team is being re-tooled by GM Brian Burke, I can't help thinking that the fans expected more from the Leafs this season, especially with a 4-0-1 start to the season.

I didn't even watch last season, I am a Leafs fan, but I'm leaning more towards the first team I followed. I hope the next meeting between Edmonton and Toronto goes better for the Leafs. Hopefully the Leafs will bounce back before the have to face Taylor Hall and the Edmonton Oilers on December 14th. Keeping my fingers crossed!


How does one become a blogger?

How does one become a blogger? .... I find myself asking that question more frequently lately. I haven't been actively posting on any one of my three blogs in almost 2 years, got to thinking that maybe it was time to come back and see who wants to listen to me. I have been working on more from my creative writing blog. I don't know when I'll release more of the tale I was spinning on my creative blog. But to get back to my original question...I think you just have to start writing.

I've been face with many bouts of writers block and I think they had a hand in why I have been away. The challenge of the blank page can be daunting, especially when there are things in real life that keep you from getting back on track, at least there was for me. If I remember correctly this blog was my take on current affairs. I think I will have a few new posts coming up in the near future. I don't want to jinx it so lets all keep our fingers crossed!

Moving forward, I am going to have to spend more time reading blogs as well as getting more content for this blog. Can sometimes be a daunting task, but I think I'm up for it. Thanks again for reading and I'll see you all soon!


Hmm....I go I get comments?

Odd...I spent a lot of time just surfing other peoples blogs while I was actively blogging almost every day. I spent I don't know how many hours dropping my "Entrecard" while I was still a member. Hardly even got one or two comments. But now that I have left my blog alone for a while I start getting comments.

Hmm...I'm not sure I know what to think of that. Some of the comments that have been left are way off topic too, I just love the comments that are just an excuse to drop a link to randomly get a page view. Others are spot on, I wonder if most of the comments are from people who have found my blog through Google?

If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to drop a comment. I think I will be around a little more often to view them and even respond. For any bloggers that happen to stay for a few minutes and read, please let me know what kind of comments others have left on your posts, and if they are just an attempt at getting a link back. I'm interested in hearing your views on comments.


Out of it?

Hello again. Its been a while since I've been blogging. My thoughts have been coming back to blogging lately as I've heard a lot about bloggers on TV lately. Does this mean I'm coming back or am I out of it for good?

To be honest I don't know at the moment. I won't be blogging about world of warcraft any more seeing as I don't play the game anymore. I have thought about going back when Cataclysm comes out but I don't know right now. Too many things are up in the air right now.

I am going back to playing my drums more often however. I might even try and find some time to get a couple of students and maybe make a couple of dollars of my talent. But I think I'd rather join a band or maybe even start one. Who knows at this point. We shall see what time brings us...


Server Transfer

Wow!!! It was worth the $25 transfer fee. Am I ever glad I transferred my paladin tank to a different server. On the old server I could not pug a 25 man group that could get past much more than Marrowgar. On the first run I had on the new server we managed to get to Saurfang and got him to 3% on our first attempt. Unfortunately we didn't have the ranged DPS we needed to get him down but things are looking up.

I brought some of my old guild with me to the new server just to make things easier when we got there. It seems a nice chunk of the guild membership has transferred over. Now we can progress through Icecrown Citadel with more ease and less repair bills. It won't be long now until we all are sporting the King Slayer titles.