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Seeking Change: Jack Layton and the New Democrats

One thing that is very important to many Canadians are home grown jobs. Recent times have seen our manufacturing jobs shipped overseas as well as across the border. One thing I like about Jack Layton's approach to the economy is to invest in Canadian manufacturing. I think that's a pretty good angle to go on considering there are rumors being generated that our Canadian banks could follow suit with many financial institutions in the US.

Layton is approaching the economy by making a push to keep Canadian jobs...Canadian. It is important to note that other candidates have opposed the idea of helping Canadian companies to stay Canadian and keep pace with what should be a growing economy. Foreign companies have been either buying up companies or luring companies to out source their production in a sometimes dangerous work environment rather than producing the goods on our own shores.

Another thing the New Democrats are pushing for are greener jobs. In other words they are pushing to invest in renewable energy production with a goal of replacing 35% of Canada's current energy needs with renewable green sources of energy. A tall task indeed; but with emphasis on creating jobs that could fill the void of the recent closures and US companies moving back to the US as the dollar is too high for them to do business here. A push towards a greener and cleaner Canada to finally get close to reaching targets from the Kyoto agreement.

Our political system has been run by either Liberals or Conservatives throughout most of our history as a sovereign nation and it is time for a change. Polls have shown the Conservatives gaining ground moving forward and the New Democrats are gaining ground on the Liberal party. Although the polls may have changed since the last time I saw any numbers, it was good to see another option gaining popularity. Who do you think would be best to lead our country?

Image: Official Party Photograph
New Democrats platform: Take a look for yourself


One Year of Blogging

Yesterday this blog turned One. I was busy watching a hockey game instead of posting about blogging for one year. Since I am a huge hockey fan I just had to watch the first preseason game last night, my team won the game which made watching the game seem a little sweeter. Anyway, I spent a few minutes reflecting on the past year.

Some of my previous posts have been coming to mind recently. The current elections in both Canada and the US remind me of a post I wrote back when I had first started blogging...A Brave New North America. The recent changes to the electoral system in Canada which now has a set date for Federal elections reminds me of the US electoral system where you have a federal election every four years. The possibility of a Majority Government getting in this election seems imminent and would set our next federal election to be held in four years mimicking the US. If one was looking to create a North American Union similar to the European Union, one could speculate that this would be the first step.

Last November I wrote a post about some technology that is changing the face of travel in the US. Big Brother is Watching! is my reflection on the eerie similarities between George Orwell's 1984 and our current society where there is a camera almost every where you turn. One of my favorite books in school was the Orwellian classic.

I did not just write about grim subjects either. I wrote a post about the Birth of a Nation an informative piece about Canada written on July 1st. I really enjoyed writing that piece and was thankful for all of the comments I received on that post.

Another thing I started was a photography corner, although recently I have not been able to find the time to get some pictures. I'll have some soon I think. My favorite one was #2, one of the best photo's I have taken with an aging camera. But I think that is enough reflection for now...elections are right around the corner and there are a few things I would like to call attention to before they take place. I'll mostly be delving into Canadian politics which I have a better understanding of than US politics. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my blasts from the past and hope you will comeback to see what the future brings here at "Majik's Thoughts."

Before I finish this post and run go to bed I have to ask; how old is your blog?


Green Shift or Money Shift?

The Green Shift it a comparable plan to meet our commitment to the Kyoto Protocols or just another tax grab? With fuel prices soaring regardless of the actual trading price of a barrel of crude would imposing a tax on polluters to force them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions actually be beneficial to the average Canadian? I spent a few moments looking over the "Green Shift Plan" and how it will put money back in your pocket to pay the higher prices it will create. The theory behind the plan is to force industry to reduce their emissions by taxing them for the amount of pollution they spew into the environment; I'm glad politicians are keeping the environment in mind but at what cost to the Canadian economy?

Stephane Dion's "Green Shift Plan" on the surface sounds and looks a lot like a tax grab. Something I'm sure a lot of Canadians are familiar with...Goods & Services Tax (GST/HST) for example. But after I saw one of the Liberal ads promoting the "Green Shift Plan" and not attacking other candidates I started thinking about what that would do to our manufacturing sector. Increasing the cost to run a manufacturing plant in Canada could be disastrous. How many jobs have gone south of the border thanks to the stronger dollar increasing operational costs to businesses?

I've been watching a lot of Canadian politics this past week and I have had a chance to delve into what the candidates are proposing. In terms of the environment I am still looking for the best proposal. I have seen very little information on the New Democrats plan to reduce pollution and even less from the Conservative Party. As for the Green Party's take on pollution I am still in the dark on that one; the media coverage of the Green party has been overshadowed by the larger party's plans.

As for my opinion, the "Green Shift Plan" that Dion is proposing is a big thumbs down. The cost of manufacturing in Canada is already too high; why would big business go for a plan that costs the organization more money just to reduce pollution and put more money in the pockets of Canadians to offset their price increases? I do not think this plan would be beneficial to Canadians because cutting income taxes to offset the immediate price increases across the board caused by taxing major polluters; who will just in turn force the cost on to you. What do you think Canada?

Image Source: Official Liberal Party Photo


Elizabeth May and the Green Party to Join the Next Debate

Earlier today I was watching the news and learned that Elizabeth May and the Green party would be present for the debates that some of the other party leaders have been calling for. In the past Conservatives and New Democrats opposed the inclusion of the Green party's leader because of support for the Liberal party and said it would be unfair to have two people represent the Liberal view point in a federal election. So far the debate over whether or not Elizabeth May would be present for party leaders' debate has become so much of a distraction that it is important to include them in the debate so the issues at hand do not get lost in controversy.

This is a small victory for the Green party and a victory for the people. Now the people will now get five different view points on the issues during this years election debates. The political mud slinging contest is still just getting started, I have not seen very many attack ads yet but there still is a whole month before the election. Plenty of time left for ever more creative political attack ads. But what will the inclusion of the Green party into the party leaders' debate do to the face of Canadian politics?

The addition of the Green party to the debates will give Canadians a larger view of the issues from more than one point of view. The role of our military in Afghanistan will certainly be on the hearts and minds of many eligible voters; the economy going south and our environment are also on the priority list. I am sure that like a large majority of Canadians I am not alone in saying that I really don't know where the Green party intends to go with respect to the economy slowly being moved south as American companies find it too expensive to do business in Canada while our dollar trades well on the foreign exchange markets.

The coming weeks ahead will give us all a clearer view on where the parties stand; I just hope that the American election does not over shadow our own election. I watched coverage of the nominee's campaign for the white house before any coverage of our own elections and I was a little disappointed. I hope all Canadians can take a few minutes out of their day to see where the parties stand on the issues and make an educated vote. This has been my opinion, care to share yours with me?

News Brief: Green leader allowed into debates, networks confirm
Image source: Wiki Media Commons


Should I Go In a Different Direction

I noticed today that in 14 days my blog will One year old. Wow, I never thought I would still be blogging after one year, I did not think that blogging would ever bring such enjoyment when I first started. I am a little weathered now that I have been blogging for almost a year but I am not the brilliant blogger who lives off of his blog that I would like to be. Reflecting back I did not even think I was going to make 100 posts on this blog, now I am aiming much higher.

I have been doing some thinking and surfing through other blogs recently and I am amazed at the staggering number of political blogs that are out there. I have been spending some time looking through them and I have seen a lot about Barack Obama and a lot about John McCain and I've even seen a blog devoted to McCain's pick for Vice President, Sarah Palin. But what I haven't seen is any Canadian politics, there certainly is quite a bit of entertainment with Canadian politicians, just look at our last four Prime Ministers.

I've been enjoying giving the few readers that I have my opinion on current events but the lack of Canadian politics in the world of blogging is bothering me. Even if I do not dedicate my blog to Canadian politics I certainly will be focusing on them as the election trail wears on. It certainly will not be one soon forgotten by many Canadians, Jack Layton has already applied for Harper's now vacant position. Elizabeth May is fighting the Canadian media to get air time to promote the Green Parties take on the issues, and Stephan Dion is trying to sell his Carbon Tax to the people while discrediting the steps that the former Harper government made towards building a better Canada.

It is true that Canadians like the Americans are thirsty for change but this fall election is only a surprise to those that have not been following the news in this country. For months now Stephen Harper has been warning Canadians that liberals blocking the changes he is making to better our country will result in an election. Well from the outside looking in; it does seem like the Liberals thirst for power has been in the way of necessary changes in our country.

Right now a lot of jobs are going south because it is too expensive to do business in Canada. If that doesn't tell you that our economy needs to be the focus of this election and not stabbing the other candidates in the back. Although listening to the attacks and watching the advertising can be entertaining. Jack Layton is paying attention to the economy and the environment; the Green party appears to be focusing on both as well.

Now I have to go and catch up on some EC drops and some more searching through political party pages so I will leave things open for discussion. There definitely needs to be a Canadian voice bringing "Canadian Politics" to the world of blogging but who will it be?


No Way, It Can't Be Wednesday....

I've had a busy week and it feels like it should be Friday and its only Wednesday. Has anybody else felt the same way on a Wednesday? This past weekend I've had a room mate move in and I just have not had the time to just stop for a minute or two. At work the new contract between the union and my company was voted on and we decided not to strike (although there were a few that wanted to). Working for an American company just has its ups and downs. The United States seems to be falling into a recession and Canada's economy is not.

I found out this week like many other Canadians that we will be going to vote in another federal election. I'm pretty sure every body already knew about that with the number of commercials running supporting Harper to be re-elected. I have not heard anything from the Liberal party yet but if your plan to get elected into a majority government by introducing a carbon tax at a time when a lot of people are screaming for lower prices; I would not want to be in that party. I no vote for you!

I'm waiting to see what the other parties are saying before I decide in October. The political machines are only warming up; there are bound to be some more commercials on their way. At least the battle for PM in Ottawa will help keep our minds off of the American election the following month. At least our elections will be over before the American election. If you are old enough to vote go out and make your voice heard when it counts.

That has been my opinion, what is yours?



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