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Elizabeth May and the Green Party to Join the Next Debate

Earlier today I was watching the news and learned that Elizabeth May and the Green party would be present for the debates that some of the other party leaders have been calling for. In the past Conservatives and New Democrats opposed the inclusion of the Green party's leader because of support for the Liberal party and said it would be unfair to have two people represent the Liberal view point in a federal election. So far the debate over whether or not Elizabeth May would be present for party leaders' debate has become so much of a distraction that it is important to include them in the debate so the issues at hand do not get lost in controversy.

This is a small victory for the Green party and a victory for the people. Now the people will now get five different view points on the issues during this years election debates. The political mud slinging contest is still just getting started, I have not seen very many attack ads yet but there still is a whole month before the election. Plenty of time left for ever more creative political attack ads. But what will the inclusion of the Green party into the party leaders' debate do to the face of Canadian politics?

The addition of the Green party to the debates will give Canadians a larger view of the issues from more than one point of view. The role of our military in Afghanistan will certainly be on the hearts and minds of many eligible voters; the economy going south and our environment are also on the priority list. I am sure that like a large majority of Canadians I am not alone in saying that I really don't know where the Green party intends to go with respect to the economy slowly being moved south as American companies find it too expensive to do business in Canada while our dollar trades well on the foreign exchange markets.

The coming weeks ahead will give us all a clearer view on where the parties stand; I just hope that the American election does not over shadow our own election. I watched coverage of the nominee's campaign for the white house before any coverage of our own elections and I was a little disappointed. I hope all Canadians can take a few minutes out of their day to see where the parties stand on the issues and make an educated vote. This has been my opinion, care to share yours with me?

News Brief: Green leader allowed into debates, networks confirm
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