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Should I Go In a Different Direction

I noticed today that in 14 days my blog will One year old. Wow, I never thought I would still be blogging after one year, I did not think that blogging would ever bring such enjoyment when I first started. I am a little weathered now that I have been blogging for almost a year but I am not the brilliant blogger who lives off of his blog that I would like to be. Reflecting back I did not even think I was going to make 100 posts on this blog, now I am aiming much higher.

I have been doing some thinking and surfing through other blogs recently and I am amazed at the staggering number of political blogs that are out there. I have been spending some time looking through them and I have seen a lot about Barack Obama and a lot about John McCain and I've even seen a blog devoted to McCain's pick for Vice President, Sarah Palin. But what I haven't seen is any Canadian politics, there certainly is quite a bit of entertainment with Canadian politicians, just look at our last four Prime Ministers.

I've been enjoying giving the few readers that I have my opinion on current events but the lack of Canadian politics in the world of blogging is bothering me. Even if I do not dedicate my blog to Canadian politics I certainly will be focusing on them as the election trail wears on. It certainly will not be one soon forgotten by many Canadians, Jack Layton has already applied for Harper's now vacant position. Elizabeth May is fighting the Canadian media to get air time to promote the Green Parties take on the issues, and Stephan Dion is trying to sell his Carbon Tax to the people while discrediting the steps that the former Harper government made towards building a better Canada.

It is true that Canadians like the Americans are thirsty for change but this fall election is only a surprise to those that have not been following the news in this country. For months now Stephen Harper has been warning Canadians that liberals blocking the changes he is making to better our country will result in an election. Well from the outside looking in; it does seem like the Liberals thirst for power has been in the way of necessary changes in our country.

Right now a lot of jobs are going south because it is too expensive to do business in Canada. If that doesn't tell you that our economy needs to be the focus of this election and not stabbing the other candidates in the back. Although listening to the attacks and watching the advertising can be entertaining. Jack Layton is paying attention to the economy and the environment; the Green party appears to be focusing on both as well.

Now I have to go and catch up on some EC drops and some more searching through political party pages so I will leave things open for discussion. There definitely needs to be a Canadian voice bringing "Canadian Politics" to the world of blogging but who will it be?


marlyms said...

helo..i linked u in my blogs..hope it is ok

Melissa said...

I love watching the Canadian political attack ads and debates, they are more entertaining than the US's.

Anonymous said...

I write a lot about U.S. politics as well as about daily life, technology, and anything else that catches my attention. I really enjoy it when I visit blogs via EntreCard that provide some political insights into the writers home country, so I would love to see some Canadian politics in here.

Majik2903 said...

@ Melissa,

you're right the attack ads and debates are more entertaining than the US's.

@ orient-lodge

I am going to be focusing on the Canadian election in my next post. The Green party will be at a televised debate during this election it will certainly be a first to see 5 Major political parties debating the issues. And of course the current mission in Afghanistan will be looked at during this election.

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