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Paladin Tanks

They are awesome! I love running into an instance with my Paladin tank. The best spec for a Paladin tank is protection. I've been running into instances with my paladin and I've actually come across some tips that I can share to enhance your own paladin tank.

First things first, you have to get your defense to 540 to be capped. You want to keep your defense rating around the 540-560 marks. After you are capped the number one thing you need to do is get 30k health. I've tanked with 22k, 25k, 27k and 29k health before buffs. As you get more health you will notice it will be easier to get and hold threat.

The main thing you need to remember is that as the tank you need to be able to hold threat in various different fights. You have plate armor and a defense rating of 540 to reduce the critical hits, you need this so you can keep the enemies off of your party members that can do high damage per second and more importantly, keeping your healer alive!

That's all for this post, there will be more coming in the days ahead.


Add ons Rock!

The other night I decided I was going to add a couple add on programs to see if it would change my game play a bit. I'm surprised by what kind of information you can get about another players character by just mousing over their character. One of the ones I added gives you the gear score a character has, and I must say that is awesome.

I also added a damage counter. This one lets me see what kind of damage per second (DPS) another player is doing. I like this one as well, as the person who fills the roll of a tank, I cannot do enough DPS on my own to kill one of the bosses in the heroic dungeons I have been running. It is important to have people who can do 2-3k DPS to run through most heroic dungeons quickly and with minimal deaths. When you need to farm heroic badges...high DPS is a must!

Anyway...I will leave you with that little tidbit and will return in a day or so with a tip for any new Paladin tanks. Later!


The Tank Part 2

80. Its just another number, except in WoW. My paladin is finally reached level 80. It took a while but now I can fill the roll of tank for heroic dungeons. What a difference!

I have had to re-spec to be able to tank in most heroic dungeons. I took some time to read up on Paladin tanking. One thing I do need to work on is how much health my Paladin has, getting closer to 30k health. My next post will have a tip or two from my own experiences as a tank. Hope you'll come back for it.


The Tank

As most of you have noticed, I've been away from the blogging world. I've been playing World of Warcraft trying to level a paladin. The only reason I decided to roll a paladin was because I was tired of trying to find a tank to run through some dungeons. I've been trying to get his defence rating up to 540 so he can be capped, but unfortunately he's only level 77 and has a defence rating of 526. Its good to be close to the cap while leveling because it makes it easier to fulfill the role of a tank while striving for level 80.

Anyway, the only problem I've had while running through dungeons as a tank is with other players that like to pull the groups of enemies while I'm trying to replenish my mana. Hopefully I will be able to get some really nice gear soon, max level isn't that far away when you are level 77. As always your comments are welcome, and if you have any tips for someone learning how to tank in the game, feel free to drop me a comment. Later!


Patch 3.2

The new patch is out and so far I'm enjoying it. They have added more dailies for the Argent Tournament which is awesome considering I lost four dailies when I completed the Valiant series of daily quests. I've tried the new instance, Trial of Champions, and it is tough. Hopefully I will get another chance to try that one out.

They have changed the way you start the battle for Wintergrasp Lake. I like that change, it is better for me to queue up for the WG battle then to try and get a raid invite.

Speaking of raids, I hope the raid I am joining tonight will be a success. As long as they don't advertise the raid in trade chat we should be successful. Anyway I have to run, have fun everyone.


Phew...That was a long run...

Well my company has just moved buildings and I am ready for my first day off in the past three weeks. There has been so much chaos associated with moving a warehouse from one city to the next that I do not even know which day it is. I know that I finally get a day off but only because my supervisor told me that we do not have a shift tomorrow. Maybe now I can spend some time writing and just working on getting some rest.

Anyway I'm off to get some sleep...I need it! See you all soon.


Hmm...Things Have Changed

Wow what a change from about this time last year. Last year their was a primary that seemed to drag on and now the winner President Barrack Obama is working to help America out of the global recession. Peoples outlooks have changed and consumer confidence is non-existent. The big three are trying to do everything to get bail out money just to survive the recession.

Who's fault was the recession anyway, should we even place blame? To me it doesn't matter who's at fault, what matters to me is how and when are we going to get out of the recession? I'm not an economist but I do think that if we are to make it out of this recession some concessions are going to made. What kind of concessions, pay cuts, work share, or more lay offs? If the markets are deflating some of that deflation should be seen in the cost of living but I haven't seen any reductions.

One thing I'm sure of is that the cost of living has increased and a lot of wages have not been increasing. But is cutting jobs and begging governments for bail outs the answer? My opinion is that the cost of the items we need to purchase a new car is far to high and I'm not just talking about Canadian prices. On the whole the price of items have increased and other than retailers offering a lot more sales on their products. But anyway my opinion is just a drop in the bucket of what is the cause of this recession.

What do you think? Would lower prices on almost all goods and services help us out of this global recession?


I Have An Addiction

Hello again. Some of the few readers that I have may have noticed a complete lack of new posts on this blog. Well I am addicted to playing World of Warcraft. My brother bought me the game for Christmas and ever since I got it home I have had trouble pulling myself away from the game. It's not that it is the be all and end all of PC Games but for me; it's the role playing in the game that is the most fun. I will be trying to pull myself away from the game more often and trying to get something up here for you to read considering that Parliament is now back in session and the old power hungry politicians are singing the same song they were singing before the Governor General Prorogued parliament.

Anyway, I am sure that some interesting story is going to break soon about the Canadian government, hopefully we will be going to another election if there is a no confidence vote. Michael Ignatief has said that he will take time to go over the new budget, at least that was what I read in the paper. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what is happening.

Till the next time I can pull myself away from the game, adios Amigos!