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Still More Breaking News

Another update on the unfolding story of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Apparently Bhutto has a book that is slated to premier in February 2008. The book is called 'Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West' and is co-written by Mark Seigel. This past Thursday, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a gunman/suicide bomber. Just how will her death will affect sales of the book? In most cases, books that have been written by people who have died recently or in this case, murdered usually sell better than others. However, an assassination is by far, not considered to be a publicity stunt, its more of a coincidence that such books sell better. Also people's curiousity compells them to purchase said books.

What will be in this book? Will the book give us any insight as to why Bhutto was assassinated? Only time will tell. What's your opinion, will the book do well?

Image: Anjum Naveed/Associated Press
News Story: Bhutto book to be published in February: reports


mikster said...

Sadly, my bet is that the sales will benefit from her death. It's a hot topic and will still be fresh on people's minds in Feb.

Alan said...

Ignoring for a moment the question of how the author's death will affect book sales, this sounds like a book that could be very important in facilitating dialog and understanding between the Arab and Western worlds, surely one of the most critical issues facing all of the people on the planet. If it's any good it might quite deservedly become a best-seller irrespective of Bhutto's assassination.

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