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Another step forward for the International Space Station

Recently I received an email from Reuters Alert net. I subscribe to this email because I like to stay on top of breaking news. I came across an interesting story about the International Space Station, the article was called Space Station lab will boost Europe's status in space. Inside the article were a few details on the next shuttle launch slated for this week. The European contribution to the International Space Station, the Columbus science lab, is ready to become apart of the station. This is good news for those who have been waiting to see the completed station in orbit.

I've been following the construction story of the International Space Station (I.S.S.) since Expedition 2. I paid the most attention when Canada's own Chris Hadfield left the airlock on the shuttle to install the Canada Arm 2. Unfortunately, terrorist activities halted the construction of the station for a few years. You can't always be prepared for the unexpected and the tragic events of 9/11 caught almost the entire world by surprise. But now that construction is going ahead, mankind is one step closer to leaving low earth orbit.

The I.S.S. is a good testing ground for new technologies that we will need if we are to go back to the Moon and then on to Mars. We still have to implement a shielding system to keep the cosmic radiation out side of the space craft. Not to mention that the space craft that goes to Mars will have to be assembled in space. The I.S.S. is the stepping stone or gateway to other worlds in the sense that the knowledge we acquire from constructing the station will be applied and improved upon during construction of interplanetary space craft. How important do you think it is to finish construction of the International Space Station?

Image Source National Space Science Data Center


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