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My Thought of the Day!

Well, December is here. And so is the cold of winter, at least the beginning of the cold winter. As for what December brings, for me its a lot of work, long commute times in bad weather, and a family dinner on Christmas day. What I'm really looking forward to, is the time away from work during the last two weeks of this month. Fortunately, I get a little more time off this year than last year, which is a good thing. Must be because I'm in a different job.

As for whats to come for my blog, time will tell. Inspiration could hit at anytime, hopefully I won't be striken with writers block this month. In the past couple of months, I've been struggling with it. I've had to do a lot of stumbling through different websites just to find a topic or story that inspires me. I just hope that this month brings more visitors to this site. Last month, traffic could have been better, hopefully my daily average visitors increases to 20. Thats my goal, 20 visitors a day! Any suggestions to help me achieve that goal, please leave a comment. Anyway, that's all for this post, till next time, Peace!!


MS said...

Some suggestions:

(1) Have an about page with more information about you. Also, put the about link at the top of your column. Don't make the reader look for it. I like to know who I am reading, even if some anonymity is involved. Otherwise I don't read.

(2) Your "Notice for Comments" is off-putting. Do you get so many that this is necessary? On the other hand, it is good that you allow anonymous comments might as well. It might encourage someone who is otherwise silent. But turn off the word recognition in the comments. It's a pain and can stop someone from commenting. You can always reevaluate if your traffic, comments, and comment spam go through the roof.

(3) Continue to participate on BlogCatalog in a constructive way.

(4) Visit and comment on related blogs in a constructive way.

Lena said...

i would agree to the last two points of the previous commenter, because the more activity you show the more responses you receive.
And of course the content and writing style matters as well as acute topics and nice pics!! :)

EatPotato said...

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Didik Wicaksono said...

By doing what ms said, you will found that getting 20 visitors a day quite easy. Oh yeah, people also like if their comments is replied. They might become your frequent visitors even though your blog is not their niche.

You should get rid the word verification, it's quite disturbing your readers.

Majik2903 said...

didik, I've been tweeking my blog since MS left his comment. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the 'Notice for Comments' is not on the sidebar, its gone! As for commenting to other readers, I have thanked people who have left a comment in previous posts, and I found that it takes away from anything that a visitor might have to add. As for the word verification, I'll think about taking it down. But thanks for stopping by and adding your 2 cents, hope you come back soon!


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