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Help, My Record is Skipping!

Some times I fell like my record is skipping, going over the same old groove over and over. But I can't help it. I love stumbling through the C.B.C.s website, mostly because I find stories like No exceptions for major polluters in Bali, says Baird. What an interesting piece.

International leaders attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference are hoping to draught an updated version of the Kyoto Protocol to include all polluters. Which as a matter of fact, coincides with the stance that P.M. Stephen Harper took at the recent Commonwealth summit. A lot of people criticized Harper for not wanting to be bound to the Kyoto protocol which only encompasses 36 industrialized nations. As many of you know, there are more than 36 industrialized nations that are contributing to Global Warming. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing every year and it is time for us to do something about it!

This new 'Protocol' that International leaders are hoping to draught will encompass every industrialized nation. Far too long have smaller industrialized nations, out side of the Kyoto Protocol have been polluting with out limits. Granted that placing limits on Greenhouse gas production only slows the problem, but slowing the problem while we search for a solution is absolutely necessary. I'm sure people who have time to read through this post will agree, breathing is good, especially if its clean air we're breathing. But its not just for us that we have to create a solution for, its for the children.

How many people can remember having summers with out smog warnings? Is it possible to get rid of this health hazard? Is it really so hard to walk to the store instead of driving? Oil prices will never be the same as they were a decade ago, and the less dependant we are on cars, the better. Before the modern automobile was invented, we used to get around by steam powered trains, horses or just what God gave us, our own two feet. Economically, walking 20 to 30 minutes to get to the store is more logical than burning approximately $1-$3 worth of gasoline each trip. Not to mention the healthy side effects of walking. Are you willing to sacrifice some extra minutes for not only your health, but the health of our environment.


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