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Tag, Your It!

Recently I've been tagged to do a meme. I'm not entirely sure what a 'meme' is, but since it was MeghnaK who tagged me, I will try. The topic is '50 things things to do before I die,' which means I have to do some thinking.

Well here goes:

50 Things to do before I die

1. Climb Everest
2. Go sky diving
3. Visit Japan
4. Learn to speak fluently 5 more languages
5. Visit Russia
6. Spend a week in Paris, France
7. Go to Hawaii
8. Write a novel
9. Have dinner with Gordon Ramsay
10. Stick my foot in the Pacific ocean
11. See what Australia looks like, up close and personal
12. Spend a week with my cousins in Britain
13. Meet some of my friends who have commented on my posts
14. Stay in Peru for a month
15. Take a picture of the Great Wall of China
16. Go to chef's school so I can learn a few things about cooking
17. Cook for a big dinner party
18. Challenge Iron Chef Bobby Flay
19. Go camping on Madagascar Island
20. Take an extended vacation in the Bahamas
21. Have my picture taken standing in the centre of 'Stone Henge'
22. Stand in front of the Sphinx
23. Get paid for blogging
24. Fly an airplane
25. Visit the International Space Station
26. Control the Canada arm2 and wave at Canada while flying over
27. Land on Mars
29. Buy a Canadian Flag for my front porch
30. See for my own eyes what the Rocky mountains look like
31. Spend some time in Rome, Italy
32. Visit India
33. Go to Disney Land
34. Join the 'Mile High' club
35. Get a high paying desk job
36. Write some freelance articles
37. Clean up our environment
38. Inspire some one to do something great!
39. Play guitar in a stadium full of people
40. Play drums in a stadium full of people
41. Meet Rachael Ray and Giada DeLaurentis
42. Get a guest judge spot on 'Iron Chef America'
43. Party with one of my favourite bands
44. See a Metallica concert
45. Play a song with Metallica
46. Cook with Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay
47. Spend some money in a Las Vegas Casino
48. Drive a Formula 1 race car
49. Start a business
50. Fly a helicopter

Okay, that wasn't easy! Now onto the last part, tagging some other bloggers to do a 'meme,' but who to choose?

BadKitty0126: Things that Make you go WTF
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AntiBarbie: - Madness, Monsters and Motherhood
Libdrone: The Thin Red Line
Globalgirl: Globally Minded Works

If you've been tagged, its because I enjoy reading your blog. Hopefully you'll have a meme up soon.


clairec23 said...

Wow, that was a tough meme, well done for finishing it! I don't think I could have come up with so many!

Meghna said...

Hi majik,
I'm glad you did the meme and pretty soon too! You've written really great things out there. DO tell me when you visit India. Ill be there to receive you at the airport! :D
I loved the point where you sad you wanted to stick your leg in the Pacific ocean. lol!
Hope all of them come true and you enjoy your journey through life!

Alan said...

Thanks for tagging me, I do appreciate it. BTW, I sometimes respond creatively to memes since I just hate to do too many off topic posts and my blog does have a pretty set theme. For example when me Mitch tagged me I replied with

I have a long four book review post already in the works for Tuesday so probably my response will be up Wed or Thurs (hmmm....50 things I'm Thankful for...)

Mrs C. said...

Great list! I hope you get to make all of them come to fruition!

Kitty said...

Thanks for the tag! I didn't know anyone actually enjoyed what I wrote haha! I'll get started on that 'meme' soon!

Yokara said...

Hi majik
I too also get enthusiam after reading this blogs. visit my blogs also

Majik2903 said...

@ clairec23 Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope to see you visit again soon!

@ meghna, Thanks so much for stopping by. When I can make a trip to India, I'll let you know!

@ alan, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really look forward to see what you do with the meme!

@ mrs c. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really hope you stop by again!

@ kitty Thanks for your visit and leaving a comment! I'm looking forward to see what you do with this meme.

@ yokara, Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, I will try to check out your blogs soon. I hope you will be back again to read some more!

Phyllis said...

I don't know what a meme is but I love to make lists and envision the future.

Stop by my blog and if you like what I'm doing feel free to invite me in.


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