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United Nations Climate Talks.

Now climate change is a very hot topic in today's global society. I have been taking small steps to reduce my footprints, such as seeking the most energy efficient appliances for my home, switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, and making an effort to walk instead of driving to where I want to go. This all may not be enough, but even a small change when practiced by thousands will make a difference. Recently I learned that the U.N. has agreed on a blueprint for averting major disasters that are linked to climate change. In the article I found on Reuters Alert net, the U.N.s climate conference held in Valencia Spain, have agreed on a blueprint for reducing climate change.

Now I didn't want to limit my research on this topic, because of the popularity of 'Green' movements I'm sure that other websites would have something on the topic of the recent U.N. conference. So I have checked both the C.B.C.s and C.N.N.s websites for some more information. There was an interesting article on the C.B.C.s website written from a Canadians point of view on the topic, and I found a video news file on C.N.N.s website. Both provided a little more information on the U.N.s Climate Conference.

The U.N.s Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, hopes that the coming conference in Bali will agree on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. Now the Kyoto Protocol was introduced to set a limit on greenhouse gases produced by 36 industrialized nations. The recent agreement by the climate council is said to put more pressure on governments to reduce greenhouse gases and slow the rise of global temperatures. We are already beginning to see the effects of global warming, more and more forest fires rage every year. Sea levels are slowly rising as the glaciers melt at both north and south poles.

Right now our planet's fate is in our hands. A few small changes by the masses will slow the process. Although change is going to be slow, mostly because environmental friendly policies are currently costly and non-profitable. At least that is the views that I have seen on the subject. What can you do to make governments realize that climate change will change the bottom line, and ultimately affect profit lines? The only thing I can suggest is to make small changes and encourage companies to go 'Green.'

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