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Oh, Great, More ads!

As much as I like seeing adds on websites (sometimes, but usually ads that I find use full, like 'Google Ads'), Facebook just unveiled a new social advertising strategy. I found the article on and I was intrigued. The article was called Facebook unveils targeted 'social ads' and it describes that they will be placing target ads sent to you by the friends you have on their social network.

I can't speak for everybody out there in the world wide web, but I can tolerate a small amount of ads on websites. Pop up ads are just plain annoying and I am glad that I have a good pop up blocker installed on my PC. Every time I'm surfing the net, some new pop up tries to make it through, my web browser usually asks me if I want to see the pop up and I get so many of them that I don't even look at the notice. I do use the facebook social network, but not very frequently, its overrun with applications to add to your profile.

Apparently the article states that you (the facebook user) have to agree to seeing these 'social ads.' I certainly do not want to see anymore, I have put the amount of ads I can tolerate on this site (two 'Google AdSense' boxes). Anymore than that and even I wouldn't want to look at it. How many of you out there in the world wide web have seen enough?


Above the Influence said...

I have to very much agree. Nothing turns me more off from a site then to see pop up ads. I don't mind the ones on the side bars as much. I've been on some sites where the pop up ad is so big it covers the screen, and it won't allow you to exit out of it. I would be very annoyed if facebook started using this though I don't use it that much.

Meghna said...

Hi Majik,
A really well written post and true too. I too hate too many adds. They certainly are annoying! My pc blocks pop up adds which appear really often! I'm glad you wrote this post and told others about these annoying adds.

Majik2903 said...

@ above the influence, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hope to see you soon!

@meghna, glad to see you back, thanks for leaving a comment! See you soon!

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