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November, my thought of the day!

Well its November now. Where does the time go. This year has been flying by, but its not over yet. We are now a lot closer to Christmas now, and the end of the year. Last month I joined a couple of blog directories, and had a lot of comments on my posts, thanks to all who commented. Hopefully I am slowly gaining readership, I'm not entirely sure who all is reading my posts, but thanks to everyone who stops by and reads through some of my posts.

I'm hoping that November will bring more people here to read my posts, I've been working on different ways to increase the flow of people to this site. This month I do have an agenda, I have to post more on the North American Union, just as soon as I can find more information on it. The Canadian dollar is still high, and so are prices here in Canada. Also, I am actually going to try and do some Christmas shopping before December 24Th. I'm sure that I'll have something to say about the crowded malls. And maybe I'll sneak in a post or two about my favourite failing hockey team.

Well this is my first post of November! There will be more, don't worry, and I'm sure that I will find more interesting topics to post about. Stay tuned!


Meghna said...

Hi majik,
You are doing a great job on your blog. I think this month your traffic will increase tremendously, after joining blog directories, it does!

Keep writing cause I'll certainly keep reading!

Majik2903 said...

Meghna, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! Hope to see you soon!

footiam said...

I heard meme helps to increase traffic too but I don't really know. I have started a meme 'Green Thumb Sunday' at and Friday Feast at I would like to tag you for a meme. Leave your link in my ,won't you?

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