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Liberal Democratic Party?

I can't believe what I just read.  A former Liberal minister thinks the time is right for the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party should merge. This article explains why the Liberal party has been in decline and why the time is right for a merger.  Are you for real?

Granted Jack Layton and his New Democratic Party is definitely showing momentum winning 103 seats in last month's election, but wouldn't the merger kill that momentum swing.  The political landscape of Canada was changed with the last election.  I for one am glad that Stephen Harper won a majority.  Although Harper has a majority, he has quite an opponent with Jack Layton heading up the official opposition in the House of commons.

In my humble opinion, if the NDP and the Liberals were to merge, the Conservatives would most likely win another majority government four years from now when we Canadians go back to the polls.  It would be morally wrong for the NDP and the Liberals to merge after Jack Layton convinced Quebec to vote for a federalist party instead of the Bloc Quebecois.  This just looks like the Liberals are continuing their quest for power and forgetting about all of those who cast their votes on May 2nd.  The Canadian people sent a clear message to both the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberal party that we don't want their type of politics on Capital Hill.

I changed the way I voted in the last election.  The main reason I decided to change my vote was because the Liberal Party was against Canadians protecting our sovereignty by voting down a budget that Canadians have been waiting for.  Far too long have we been a joke in terms of our military and that is mostly the fault of previous governing parties (specifically the Liberal Party).  I could not believe that the Liberal Party was against a budget that brings defending our own shores to the forefront.  I did not want to go to the polls, but this time Canadians now have a government that will protect its people.  What do you think?


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