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Stage Fright!

Hello again.  As I write this post, my first show with a fresh new band rapidly approaches.  I find that I am having a little bit of stage fright.  The good thing is, from my past experiences it goes away shortly after getting started.  Like most of my other performances, this one is going to be awesome.  It's a small venue, however the chance to play for other people will be awesome!

In my last post here I posted the song we have on YouTube.  I am not sure how many people have heard it, but playing it live will be an amazing experience.  I'll get my chance to be a 'rock star' for a night, and, fingers crossed, there will be more opportunities to come.  Participating in a live rock show is fun, but it is more fun from the stage in my opinion!

Every time I go up on stage there is always a little bit of stage fright.  Even after playing for many years.  Stage fright never really goes away, it helps keep me sharp.  If anyone else has dealt with stage fright, I would love to hear how you deal with it.  That's all for now, and let there be Rock!


Floormodel said...

I'd worry more if you don't have your stage fright. It's part of the performance and your bliss.

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