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Time Off

Hello Friends.  I have been forced to take some time off from posting here.  As this is a collection of my thoughts and opinions on current events I will be striving to bring some new content to this blog.  Not being able to spend some time writing has been a little taxing on me and hopefully I will be able to find some more time to write.  Thankfully I haven't suffered from writers block, there are many ideas teaming in my head.  For all those loyal readers who haven't seen anything new from me, I hope you will come back once I have managed to get some more content for you.

Recently I have dug out one of my old manuscripts and I am in the process of finishing it off.  I am hoping to add quite a few more pages to it in the coming days and weeks.  If you are curious about it, the manuscript I am working on currently is the one from my web novel I had been working on a few years ago.  Hopefully I will have it finished soon so I can start looking for a publisher to get it out for everyone to have a read and hopefully enjoy.  I also have a second manuscript that I bounce back and forth from, I am pushing to finish both of them, preferably before the coming summer months.

A writers job is never done, until the next time, Peace and love!


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