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Does it Work?

Recently I have added a new element to my blogs. Its called 'Blogosphere' and you probably can see it to your right of this. The site that I got the code for this wonderfull little widget is Blogrush. This site claims it helps to bring traffic to your blog site. I thought it was worth a try. So far I am undecided. Why don't you give it a try. Check out some other blogs and give me some feed back and help me decide if it was worth it or not!


Marie said...

you know I have gone through the other links there and yes I am sure it does help but really just keep doing what your doing.I will help you put the word out about your blogs...the thing with blogging is either people want to read them or they don't... It isn't one of those in the middle things...But I am all for this so I will do all I can to help you..

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