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I'd like to start by asking a simple question, "Do drivers licenses come in cracker jack boxes now?" Some people know that I have to commute to work every day, those of you who don't, well now you know, and some of the other people on the road just drive me absolutely crazy!! Most of the time, the drive is very tame and not a lot to talk about, but every other day it seems, people decide that the road is theirs and you're not allowed to be in their way.

Some of the attitudes of other people behind the wheel absolutely frightens me! I've had more than my share of accidents in a relatively short period of time and I can't stand it when some one in the next lane decides to cut out in front of you while your near their rear bumper! Do people purposely not check their blind spot or is it just when I'm overtaking some one? Are these people just dumb or are they trying to prevent others from speeding by impeding traffic?

Not only that, but what about all those 'rubber necks' out there? Do you really have to slow down to a crawl just to look at an accident? Stop looking at the accident on the side of the road! You're gonna cause another one! I can prove it, the last accident I was in, I had to stop, and the guy behind me was too busy looking at the car in the ditch to stop and crashed into the back of my car! Pay attention Damn it!

If everybody just paid more attention to the road, and the vehicles around you, our roads would be a lot safer! Even though there are improvements that cities can make to improve the flow of traffic, it is far more important to watch where you are going! Don't you think?


Marie said...

You are so right. but I don't think people really pay that much attention anymore. Hence the reason why I have decided not to drive anymore. Since I have moved up here I have had to avoid way to many accidents in this city..OMG people just don't seem to think anymore. they just do what they want and don't think of the other people on the road. my fav is when you see a little car cut off a tractortrailer. like come on.. look at the size of your car and look at the size of that truck.. I don't want that huge thing slamming into me... People don't seem to realize they don't stop on a dime....but just think winter is coming so we should have lots of stupid people on the roads then. so all I can say to that is, Everyone pay attention and drive carefully. I wouldn't want to see any of my friends hurt because of stupid drivers.

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