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Tim Hortons Vs Starbucks

Where to start when comparing Tim Horton's and Starbucks. Logically, the most common item in both chains is coffee! But which coffee offers the better value for your dollar? Most people I have talked to swear by a coffee from 'Timmie's' first thing in the morning, although I have a few friends that don't care for Tim Horton's coffee.

Obvious to anyone who has been a patron at both coffee chains, Tim Horton's coffee is offered at a lower price than Starbucks. For example, a large coffee at Tim Horton's will drain your pocket by $1.39 with applicable taxes in my area, whereas a "grande" coffee at Starbucks will delightfully remove $2.01 from your pocket. Now with the price of a similar size cup of coffee out in the open, which is the better value for your dollar?

The better value for your dollar is some what a matter of opinion and taste when choosing between Tim Horton's and Starbucks. Tim Horton's has sold an impressive amount of coffee throughout the years, and so has Starbucks respectfully. Starbucks has variety of different coffees from around the world, and Tim Horton's has their own blend of coffee. If you prefer a more exotic coffee, than Starbucks would give you the better value for your dollar. If you just love coffee then either coffee shop will give you the better value for your dollar, its a matter of taste and opinion.

I enjoy coffee from both coffee shops and will continue to go to either one of them. Every now and then an exotic coffee hits the spot, but when you just have to have a coffee, especially late at night, you can find a Tim Horton's in most Canadian cities. In fact, here in my city, you really won't have a hard time finding a Tim Horton's, considering there are four Tim Horton's with in walking distance of my front door!

In conclusion, its really up to you to decide which is better. I enjoy both and sometimes have trouble deciding which coffee shop to get my morning cup of coffee from!


Marie said...

Timmies vs Starbucks. well that is a hard one. a lot of people think the coffee at starbucks is too strong and expensive. you know it depends on what you want... If I want a real cappacino. (spelling is incorrect but whatever.) then by all means go to starbucks and get the real thing it will be well worth your money. but if you just want a plain old coffee and you don't want to spend an arm and a leg then go to timmies... Me I like both... depends on my cash flow and the mood I am in wether I go to timmies or starbucks...
But I will say if you have never tried starbucks. then go for it..why not... never hurts to try something new.

Michelle said...

Well this is an easy one STARBUCKS there is no question it's the better coffee, and if you really think about it isn't really that much of a difference price wise from Timmies. Your talking pennies and when you want a really satisfying cup of java what is acouple pennies. But, you haven't touched on atmosphere Starbucks is alot more relaxed than Timmies and it tends to attracted a different type of clientel than Timmies. Starbucks also offers hotspots and music that you can't normally find at Timmies. My vote is for Starbucks or Second Cup which you didn't even touch on.

Anonymous said...

I like just about any coffee other than Starbucks. I can do without the pretentious names for their cup sizes and all the other paraphenalia regarding their drinks. I find the vibe in Starbuck smarmy too..trying a little too hard to be hip. I enjoy Williams, Second Cup, and Timmies. However, if not choosing a chain, give me a European style cafe any day.

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