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Paid To Read, the truth!

Have you ever wanted to get paid to read your emails? I have, and I have been paid very small amounts for it! For the amount of time it takes to get paid for reading an email, or even just opening one, how much do you think you should be paid? I'm sure your answer is going to be much higher than what most advertisers are willing to pay you for 30 seconds of your time.

The majority of sites that claim they pay you for reading emails are only willing to pay you $0.03 for spending 45 seconds on the advertisers page. And even if you are willing to spend the time to make a few cents, how much of the advertiser's page are you actually going to read? I've seen many of these advertisers sites, and not very many of them actually appeal to me. Most of them are advertising work at home programs that are similar. For example, an advertisement for a "type at home" based business is usually run through a common site that offers you a commission on the sale of a membership to that site. In order to attain the commission you will have to subscribe to an online classified site just to get your 25 word ad for the website buried amongst the millions of others trying to do the same.

Is all this work that you are required to do worth it? How much time do you want to spend online? I've tried some of these paid to read sites and found that they are good if you would like to have a small amount of cash in a pay pal account to purchase goods over the Internet. But do you really want to spend upwards of 20 hours a day online trying to make money through paid to read emails? I've made my decision on the matter, what's your thoughts?


Marie said...

To be very honest I have never really checked out those type of sites. but you are right why would you want to read for hours a day and maybe make what 15.00 if you are seems pretty pointless to me... but that is my opinion.. But these people know that there are people out there who are willing to spend the time and get paid crappy for it...but in the end some people don't mind that... Me personally I need money to pay my bills and that little bit of money isn't going to help that much. So this is why I have a Job that I make more then what was it you said .003 cents to read the article... that and it is very hard to read something that is very boring and doesn't appeal to you....

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