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Mission To Trade: A Review

About a week ago the author over at Mission To Trade asked me if I could do a quick write up on his one year mission. I was willing to do a quick review of his blog to help spread the word of his mission. When I was asked to write a post for him, Stuart the author of "Mission To Trade" was still working on making his first trade. I visited his blog today and found out that he has made two trades since then. So far he has traded a bottle of Diet Coke for a 12 pack of golf balls; he then traded the 12 pack of golf balls for a Microsoft Wired Desktop 500 Keyboard and Mouse set. His mission is becoming very interesting.

His blog itself has a very clean look to it. The posts are well written clearly explaining his mission, even though he has not made very many trades but the word is still getting out there. The side bars are much more organized then my own something I will be working on within the next couple of months and are free of advertising. I recommend that you stop by the blog and see for yourself the potential his blog has. His mission only has another 355 days left so if you are willing to make a trade take some time to make an offer.

My overall rating for his blog is 8/10. A clean simple template that allows for greater organization is one of the biggest reasons why I am giving his blog an 8/10. Another reason is that his mission is very interesting; who wouldn't want to see what they could end up trading for at the end of a year? Well written posts are also another reason for the 8/10 rating. I would have given a better rating if there had been more content, but "Mission to Trade" is still very new and will potentially create a lot of buzz. There still is plenty of time to make trades, go stop by Mission to Trade and see if you can help him on his mission.


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