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Thought of the Day: May 1st

Well it is the end of the first day of May for me. April has had some good points but I am just glad that it is over and warmer weather is on its way. We are getting really at busy at work so I may find it hard to post, but I will find something to write about; no more writers block for me thanks. Some of you may have noticed that I have started doing a Wordless Wednesday here, I will be keeping that up as long as I can get a flash card reader so I don't have to use the camera on my phone to get pictures on my computer. I am also thinking about giving away 500ec this month although I am still working on what kind of contest I want to run. I will probably announce the contest on my birthday, but I will not disclose that date just yet. Thanks for stopping in and dropping your cards or comments or both they are all appreciated and I look forward to reading them every time you leave one. So in closing, let's see what the month of May has to offer!


Erica said...

I'm looking forward to a warm May as well!

elaine said...

I love the month of May, well because my birthday falls on this month. lol I wish you luck on this month. Happy Blogging!

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