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Random Comment Contest Winner Week 2

And we have another winner! Sheila from "A Postcard a Day" dropped a card and a comment this week and has won 100ec. I've already sent the 100ec so thank you for stopping by and dropping a comment on me. To every body else who has stopped for a few seconds for a read and dropping a comment a very "BIG" Thank you to you as well. Keep those comments coming and I'll announce another winner next Saturday.


Jaz said...

Nuts, I missed this!! But congrats to the winner!!

Sheila said...

Thank you very much indeed! I had no idea there was a competition, but the credits are very welcome. As a beginner, I live a hand to mouth existence :)

manilenya said...

congrats to the winner! :)

Anonymous said...

interesting article, thanks for posting it. comments are sometimes important.. great contest..

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