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Yawn ... So Tired ... Wait, I'm Awake, Really I AM!

Today I was watching some reactions to campaign speeches from the two front runners in the Democratic Primaries. I know that some people are thinking the same thing I was; "You mean they still are campaigning for a nomination?" Well maybe not everybody; politics is really big in the US and I am OK with that. Although north of the border with an outsiders point of view I really am surprised that the American people are bringing this race for the nomination right down to the wire. I am sure that voter turn out rates are increasing but I do remember one of the anchors on CNN mention that some democrats are flip flopping to the republican side because of the lengthy campaigns.

I am certainly glad that people are going out and making their opinion count when it matters. This up and coming election will be interesting to watch from the outside; I think I'm going to need to get some more popcorn. I can vaguely remember the last federal election in the US; I do not remember much from the primaries considering there was only the democrats because W. was running for his second term. But what I do remember is that there was some really good mud slinging going on. We have had a few good mud slinging contests up here between our politicians, I just think it is more entertaining when you can watch from the outside. Hmm... I wonder; do you need a degree in Dramatic Arts to get into politics?

All jokes aside I am glad to see that the American people are very picky about who they want to run for President. My view on voting is that it is the most patriotic part of a democracy. Think about it for a second, you get to choose who leads your country. Now this can or cannot be the easiest decision you have to make; you do have to weigh the pros and the cons of the promises the candidates are making. One thing that kind of struck me as a blatant plea for your vote was a gas tax relief program that is really only good in the short run. Granted there are a lot of people who live pay check to pay check; but the oil companies have been preying on our fears for many years which probably will not change. I know that this is only one of the issues but I can't know all of the issues facing Americans; after all, I am Canadian.

Yawns. I am a little tired right now so I will have to end this little observation of mine. I apologize for being so tired but after long day at work and watching the same thing get broadcast over and over has kind of made me sleepy. I will have to find some toothpicks to hold my eyes open for the rest of the Democratic primaries; they seem to be dragging out, but in a good way. The good thing about having a lengthy Primary is that you really get a sharp picture on where the candidates stand. America, it is your time to make your opinions count during this election, choose your candidate well and make sure you show up at the polling stations to make your voice heard. As for what this means for Canadians, we will work with whoever you choose to lead your country; but I'm sure quite a few of us Canadians have either lost interest or also going to get some toothpicks to hold their eyes open. If you have made it this far in my post please leave a comment and share your point of view, I look forward to hearing more opinions on the elections. Thanks for reading my opinion.

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My Daily Thoughts said...

unfortunately politics make me feel stress so I'll leave everything behind about that.. Hi your my featured link on my Entrecard.. Have a nice day

Lee said...

The problem with our political system in the U.S. is that for most politicians, every decision they make is predicated on whether or not that action will result in votes in the next election. Never mind doing what is right, or what is truly best for the country, or the world.

Now, having said that, George W. has built a Presidency on doing the worst possible things for the world and still managed to get himself re-elected for a second term. All because the term "liberal" has been lionized to mean that the person bearing that label is akin to the Anti-Christ. *sigh* Someday.

Good post.

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