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Business Cards and Return Address Labels

I know that business cards and return address labels seem miles a part but not that long ago I was pointed to which is a Canadian printing company. At the time I was just looking for some business cards to hand out with the URL of my blog on them. The photo is of my card and is one of their designs and I chose one of the three shipping options to have it delivered and I have been really happy with my business card. Today I had a chance to take a look at a few other items they are offering. I'm not sure just how many letters I usually send in a year through the postal system, but if you send a lot would it not be easier for you if you had some return address labels?

I spent a little time just checking out the different options they have for printed return address labels and I was amazed at the wide variety of selections. My last experience with the website, I found it easy to incorporate your address into their designs for which ever product you choose, they have a lot of different products; not just address labels and business cards. Ordering your labels is easier than choosing the design you want to have on them. Once you have decided which design you want the next step in the ordering process is to add your address, followed by your shipping address and method of shipping. If I remember correctly, they have three different options for shipping your purchase to you. They even accept payment through PayPal which I have to admit is very convenient for making online purchases.

I have been meaning to spend a little more time on their website and I'm glad I took the time to do a quick review. I have purchased my business cards from this website and I did not have any problems tracking my purchase. I have been quite satisfied with my purchase and ordering it was just as easy as writing ones name. I hope you will at least stop by their website and have a look for yourself.


Amy Lilley Designs said...

I would definitely recommend using Vista...I just received my 150 return address labels that match my business cards, which I have updated since my original visit. They have been shipped, so, I anxiously await their arrival...they really couldn't make it any easier...I designed them myself and I'm very pleased w/ the results and the reasonable cost.

Majik2903 said...

Thanks for stopping by, when I ordered my business cards I was so anxious to get them in the mail. I am so glad I took the time to order them, now I am considering ordering some magnets as well as return address labels!

earn more moola. said...

I like to read about tried and tested products. I hope to get married in Canda to my Beloved by the end of the year and hope to settle there. I find Canadians very friendly!

Majik2903 said...

@ earn more moola

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. Best of luck for you hopes to settle here in Canada, we do have a lot of friendly people here.

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