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Honored Once Again

Even in my absence while dealing with a problem with Vista I find out that people enjoy reading my blog. Finding out about receiving a blogging award is somewhat of a humbling experience. Chilly has honored me twice already and as much as I appreciate it when I am recognized for my writing (even though it is only on a blog) I always feel humbled.

Thank you Chilly for picking "Majik's Thoughts" as one of the seven blogs you enjoy. The company I have in that list almost makes me feel out of place as the other six on the list are also really good blog websites. Although I will not be passing the award on, I do feel it necessary to thank Chilly for awarding my blog. If it were not for the friends I have met while blogging I would have given it up a long time ago. Thanks for all of your comments and all of your visits even if you don't leave me a little token of your visit.

Happy Blogging Everyone!


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