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Money, Money, Money, Money, MOOONEY!

This morning I had some time before I had to go in to work and I was checking out a few stories on my favorite news network's website. I found yet another reason not to give my vote to the Canadian Liberal party. The leader of the Liberals, Stephane Dion is trying to push a "Green Shift" bill through Parliament and included in the bill is yet another tax. It is a carbon emissions tax that will most likely affect every Canadian not just the industry leaders in carbon emissions.

Now I really do not need another tax. We are already paying Income tax, Provincial Sales tax, Goods and Services tax (GST) and many other taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and gasoline. If the Liberals plan to force an election is to put forth a bill that is going to put more strains on the pockets of the people they are leading, they should think about it one more time. The Liberal party lost my vote a long time ago after raising taxes and flat out squandering government funds. Why would I want to vote for a party that is just going to do the same thing again.

Personally I think the Liberals have had their chance to make this country better but under their government our dollar was worth just 63 cents American. Hmmm...let me think about this for a minute. Prime Minister Harper's minority government has increased the value of the Canadian Dollar on the Foreign Exchange markets, reduced the GST and put bills in place to beef up our military so they are not as laughable as they used to. The Liberal party has squandered money, raised taxes and refused to increase our military budget. Sounds like the Conservatives have actually done some good.

Stephen Harper had said that "The purpose of Mr. Dion's carbon tax is to raise money for the federal government so that he can spend it," he said this to reporters after wrapping up a caucus planning session in Quebec. Imposing a Carbon tax would certainly raise money for the federal government but at what cost to the average Canadian. Politics are not my strong suit but introducing another tax while Canadians are still fighting for lower prices to improve our standard of living is not the best of ideas.

This Carbon tax that is in question is part of the Liberals green shift proposal to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Taxing an already over taxed commercial sector is only going to incite protest, as if $1.28/litre ($4.81/gallon) wasn't high enough. I am a little enraged that the Liberals are wanting to impose another tax to grab some more money to squander but I am ever so thankful that I did not vote for them in our last election.

To wrap things up, imposing regulations on polluters would be much better for the average Canadian opposed to yet another tax. Canadians are over taxed as it is right now and imposing a new Carbon tax is not the best idea to force an impromptu fall election. This green shift proposal is the Liberals answer to not being in power and the whole Liberal versus Conservative power struggle is getting tiresome. The people did not want them in power and I am sure that if all Canadians knew that the Liberals plan to get back into power was imposing another tax, some people who are loyal to the Liberals may start rethinking their vote. I don't like this tax the people to reduce dependency on fossil fuels way of thinking, do you?

Image: Wiki Media Commons
News Story: Money only purpose of Dion's carbon tax: PM


Melissa said...

Wasn't it a great feeling when BC was the deciding factor in the conservative party being elected during the last election? For the first time I felt like my vote counted!

A. Caleb Hartley said...

I have to say that much of the rise in the Loony against the dollar may have more to do with the incompetence of the current American administration allowing the dollar to fall so greatly than with the Canadian Administration being that good.

Lucky timing, I suppose...


A. Caleb Hartley

Majik2903 said...


I was quite happy with the out come of our last election mostly because the Liberals were held to the opposition. Being from central Canada and seeing BC being the deciding factor in the last election is good considering we don't here too much about BC. We here a lot about Alberta as there is much to talk about concerning the oil sands, but not much about BC. I am glad that the Liberals are not leading our country right now.

Majik2903 said...


You may be right about the Bush administration allowing the Greenback to fall to such depths in a relatively short period of time. Public opinion of Canada on a global scale seems to be getting better considering that the Canadian dollar has been trading better against other currencies as well. Plus our economy seems to be booming.

Melissa said...

Stephen Harper graduated in Economics so I think him leading the country may have something to do with Canada doing all right economically.

Sherry said...

the coin reminds me of my dad's coins. He hav kept many but my mom gave them away. He was not very happy about that..

Majik2903 said...


Thanks for dropping by again. I do think that Harper's minority government has done wonders for the Canadian economy. He may not have been my choice to lead our country but the people have spoken and Harper is who we have. I am glad that our economy has been booming and I really hope that this economic growth we have been enjoying does not come to an abrupt end.

Majik2903 said...


Thanks for dropping by, I would not be happy about some one giving away a coin collection. Although it is not hard to start a new coin collection, replacing those the were lost would be. I hope you will come back again.

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