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Yesterday October 14th Canada went to the election booth and voted for another Conservative minority government. Stephen Harper will lead another slightly stronger minority cabinet into the coming year and will put Canada's economy at the forefront of this new government. Some gains were made by both the Conservative party and the New Democrat Party. The New Democrats broke ground in Quebec with their first ever seat in a Quebec riding.

Hier le 14 octobre Canada est allé aux cabines d'élection et a voté pour un autre gouvernement de conservateur minorité. Stephen Harper mènera un autre coffret légèrement plus fort de minorité dans l'année à venir et mettra l'économie du Canada au rang de ce nouveau gouvernement. Quelques gains ont été faits par la partie conservatrice et Les Neveaux Democrats. Plus de gains ont été faits par la partie conservatrice dans Ontario mais pas au Québec. Les nouveaux Democrats ont cassé la terre au Québec avec leur premier siège dans une équitation du Québec.

In Quebec the majority was for the bloc de Quebecois. The Bloc held onto their 50 seats in Parliament. There were really no big surprises which disappointed many voters. Although there was not much change in the political landscape of the House of Commons, a larger contingent of New Democrats will put more focus on Canadian Industry. For full election results please visit CBC's webpage.

Au Québec la majorité était pour le bloc de Quebecois. Le bloc s'est tenu sur leurs 50 sièges au parlement. Il n'y avait vraiment aucune grande surprise qui a déçu beaucoup d'électeurs. Bien qu'il n'y ait pas eu beaucoup de changement du paysage politique de la Chambre des communes, un plus grand contingent de nouveaux Democrats mettra plus d'accent sur l'industrie Canadienne. Pour de pleins résultats d'élection veuillez visitent le site Web du Canada d'élections.


flit said...

hey... your site loads for me again. For quite a while, it was one of several that just would NOT load.

I would have liked to see Harper lose a whole lot more ground than he did... would serve him right for forcing an early election for no good purpose.

Majik2903 said...

I would have liked to see Harper lose more ground in this past election. I read on that Stephane Dion is expected to step down gracefully as he will not survive a mandatory party leadership review in May. So there is some good that came out of this past election.

I don't know why my page was not loading for you. Must have been a glitch in the blogger system.

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