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Thursday Thought

When I woke up today, I had completely forgot about the English debates tonight; but I did get a chance to watch some of the French debate last night. My French is not the greatest but I was glad that the network airing the debate translated for me. Anyway, I just remembered about the debate just in time to catch a few questions from reports after the debate.

Maybe I needed a break from politics for today. I was watching some television earlier today; specifically on the History channel and I just was engrossed by a program that was uncovering buildings from the time of Henry VIII. It was quite interesting and took my mind off of politics for the time being.

I will have to get back to the political folly that is the up coming election on October 14th. I am definitely going to vote that day. I haven't seen any good commercials encouraging voting this time around, maybe we'll get a better turn out this time...who knows? Anyway, I'll catch up with campaigns and have some more in the coming days.


Mike Foster said...

I watched the debate between vice presidential candidates...hmmmm, maybe I would have enjoyed it more in French.


kumagcow said...

I watched it! its even on youtube, check out my site for my views on this subject. Dropped EC's for you btw and visited your site, would you care to visit mine? Thanks!

Used Cargo Trailers said...

I gave it one whirt and nothing jumped out at me. I guess I have to give a few more listens.

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