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What Poor Workmanship Looks like

Okay, this is what happened...three years ago I called in a roofing company to strip all of the shingles off the roof and fix the leak that I had that was minor. The roofing company came in shingled over the existing shingles and did not put any flashing where water might pool. I noticed the leak earlier in the year as the drywall on the ceiling was bulging down. May I remind you that I am only one person and trying to get a hold of friends for longer than half an hour has been difficult for the past four years.

One of my really good friends moved back from British Columbia this year and when he came by to visit and catch up on what has been happening since he left pointed out a musty smell. Well the smell was coming from the mold that was growing on the ceiling behind the drywall and insulation. We pulled the moldy ceiling down about a week ago and found a hole about the size of a tennis ball in the roof decking. The picture above was taken after we had started to replace the damaged roof decking and found that there was nothing to attach it to.

I called the number from my paperwork for the roof to see if they would come in to fix it. You'll never guess what comes next... They went bankrupt! With such poor workmanship it really was not much of a surprise. At least the bankruptcy trustee said they would send me some paperwork to file a claim against the defunct company. Now what am I going to do? So I have been trying to get some quotes to get the wall fixed so I can fix the roof as soon as possible. It is getting cold and I certainly do not want to get the problem fixed in January.

Have you ever had a similar problem?


Dan Brantley said...

I had a similar experience using Apartment Movers on my last move. They showed up eight hours late, in a truck with a hole in the roof and they had to touch bare wires together for the lift gate to work. The helper was an overweight middle-aged guy who was huffing and puffing so bad I thought he was going to have a hear attack. And boxes marked "Fragile" were only dropped from two or three feet instead of four feet, like all the other boxes. I thought a nationwide brand mught have some responsibility - Wrong!
I fired them after four hours and was rescued by Mike's Gentle Movers.
Get references, check trades people out before hiring them.

Majik2903 said...

You're absolutely right about looking for references Dan. I am not going to get just one opinion on which company to use to fix the wall. I am even tempted to re-frame the wall with some help from friends in the construction industry.

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

Whew that's an ugly scar there! How were you able to manage the damage? It seems you may have to renovate the whole thing, ceiling and roof, to replace all those rotten beams.

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