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Thursday Thought: U.S. & Canadian Elections

With both Canadian and American elections right around the corner I could not help myself from drawing the conclusion that the North American Union (N.A.U.) is clearly on the horizon. I have no idea as to what the flag of the N.A.U. might look like but what you see here is my opinion on what it should look like if political leaders were to push for it.

The current elections in Canada were called not that long ago and we will be going to the polls before the U.S.; but if we elect a majority government we will again be going to the polls a month before the next U.S. election four years from now. Right now the polls seem to be fluctuating quite a bit and the last few days of attack ads will be running. Liberals, New Democrats and Greens do not want a Conservative majority or minority saying that the changes that Stephen Harper has made with a minority government are bad for the economy and that we should all panic over the economic mess south of the border and assume the worst for our own economy.

I hear a lot of talk about change coming from the U.S. media and a lot of talk about how Stephen Harper is killing the economy from Canadian media. U.S. politics are more partisan than Canadian considering the left and the right have more than one party running. It can be difficult to decide which party to support when you have to choose the lesser of four evils (I say four because there are four major parties I can vote for, Bloc Quebecois only runs for seats in Quebec).

Anyway, with both elections relatively close in terms of dates within the election year one could draw the conclusion that the Canadian electoral system is being reformed. The possibility of a Harper majority government does not seem likely from the polls I saw today but there still are a few days before the election where that could change. With a majority government Canadians would not be going to the polls again for another four years; coinciding with the 2012 U.S. election...makes me think that the N.A.U. would do more than reform the currency across the three nations.

I can only speculate about the N.A.U. but there are treaties in place that are precursors to the N.A.U. right now. The Security & Prosperity Partnership (S.P.P.) is just one of the precursors that I am aware of. I am sure there are more, and more will come to light in the coming years ahead. Only the coming days and months ahead will be able to reveal what will happen.

What's your take on the North American Union?
Are you for uniting the three separate currencies into the Amero?
What's your say?


Melissa said...

I only watched 20 minutes of the Canadian debate. I couldn't stand Layton, Duccepe, May and Dion talking like they knew what was going on with the economy when they clearly have no clue. Harper has it right, don't panic, the markets will work themselves out, Canada is NOT in the same situation as the US.

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