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More Liberal Gobble-dee-gook

Today was a big day for Jean Charest of the Liberal party winning a majority government. Jean Charest is good for Quebec and as an Ontarian I am glad that Quebec elected a party with out a sovereignty platform. Is this good for the Harper government like some analysts have said?

What is good for country is the leadership race to replace Stephane Dion. Michael Ignatieff appears to be the leader in the race. Dominic Leblanc, an MP from New Brunswick has dropped out of the leadership race and is now backing Michael Ignatieff for the new leader of the opposition. Bob Rae, a former NDP provincial premier is also in the race for leadership of the federal liberal party in Ottawa. Both offer a better alternative to Stephane Dion but support for the coalition is coming more from Bob Rae than Michael Ignatieff.

My opinion is that a new leader of the liberals will help settle the crisis in the house of commons and our elected officials will be able to get back to work on our economy. The economy is a headline maker and right now some of the reviews are very poor; we need our officials back in office to move forward and work together to tackle the economic issues of today. The federal liberals headed by Dion seem to be acting like sore losers and that is a very unprofessional attitude when your country's economic future is hanging in the balance. All Canadians should stand behind our PM and next election send a clear message to the liberals that backdoor politics is bad business for Canada!

What are your thoughts about the liberal leadership race?


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