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New Prime Minister....I hope not!

A new face for the coalition, but is the coalition good for Canadians? I really don't think so. I don't want a new PM right now, the whole no confidence vote in parliament shows me that the people we voted into parliament can only get along when they have an opportunity to steal power away from the Canadian voters.

The Canadian people showed the Liberals that we don't want their kind leading the country by only voting them into one of the lowest ever recorded number of seats in parliament. So why would the rest of the 75% of the country that did not vote for liberals want another Liberal Prime Minister? I still think that this whole coalition is nothing more than a power grab at the expense of the Canadian voting public.

Just because the liberal party has a new leader does not mean that I am more likely to accept a coalition government that has separatists in power. If Quebec decides that it will separate from Canada, we could see a civil war in the near future. If this coalition is not smothered then we would be looking at a nation divided in a time when we need our elected officials to stand together and get things done. These hard economic times are putting even more strain on the unity of the country with threats from other provinces to separate if the coalition government is allowed to take power.

I am trying to find the time to put a letter together for my elected official and a letter to the Governor General. I would much rather the Governor General dissolve parliament and call another election than have to deal with a PM that is willing to steal your vote and take power just because they are acting like sore losers. This whole political crisis that has reared its ugly head in the ashes of our last election is giving other nations a reason to laugh at us and our political system. These power hungry MP's must be stopped; even if it means we have to have a conservative majority government.

In my opinion; changing the leader of the coalition does nothing to change my mind about whether or not it is good for Canada. How many votes would have been stolen by the coalition if the Governor General allows the coalition to take power? How many people feel like they have been betrayed by the liberals and the new democrats? If you are against the coalition, then stand up for your vote and tell these power hungry losers that you are opposed to the coalition. The person that was elected in my riding who I voted for is in on this coalition and I cannot help but feel like he has betrayed my vote. I did not vote for him to have him steal power; I voted for him because his platform was the one that was best for my riding.

Maybe it is time for a drastic change to the Canadian political system. Instead of having a multiparty system, maybe its time we took a page from the Americans and went to a two party system, the right versus the left. I do think that there is much change needed to our electoral system especially if a party can win 50 seats in the house of commons from only one province. One thing that I firmly believe is that if your party does not allow people outside of one province to vote for you; your party should not be allowed to take part in federal elections involving the other 9 provinces and 3 territories. Well that's just my opinion, what's yours?

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Gordie_Canuk said...

Hmmmm, interesting. When I voted my ballot only listed the names of candidates and the parties they represent. Did your ballot allow you to pick the PM and what type of government you wanted?

I think you must be from another country, doesn't sound like the Parliamentary democracy that Canada has. Our system has us vote and then minority majority or coalition governments can form...and then when the next election comes we can vote our MP in or out based on his/her actions and whether we liked them or not.

FRIGGA said...

Just a heads up - Rockin' With Frigga will be back tomorrow, I hope you can come by and play!! :)

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The latter in effect allows the government to appeal the opposition of parliament to the electorate. However in many jurisdictions a head of state may refuse a parliamentary dissolution, requiring the resignation of the prime minister and his or her government. In most modern parliamentary systems.

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