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Who Did I Vote For?

I just watched PM Stephen Harper address the nation today. After hearing what the PM had to say to the Canadian people I watched and listened to what Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe had to say in response to the PM's address. I was a little skeptical about what a coalition government would do for Canadians, but mostly I felt betrayed by the officials we elected.

Let me elaborate a little, seven weeks ago Canadians decided that they wanted a conservative minority government with a diverse opposition to represent them in the house of commons. When I first heard rumours of a coalition government consisting of Stephane Dion as the new Prime Minister and supported by Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Quebecois; my first thought was I don't want a Liberal Prime Minister. It seems the people who had told the Canadian people on election night that they would work with the new minority government to make change for the Canadian people are certainly making change. They are flip flopping to gain power. Did we all say back in October that we did not want Stephane Dion as our PM?

I don't know a lot about politics but I do know who I voted for and it was not Mr Dion. I really feel like we need a "do over" on the last election. Should we stand together with our PM even if you didn't vote for him, after all he is the face of Canada; our representative to the world. Or do we let 'backroom deals' set a new precedence in Canadian politics and allow this coalition government headed by some one who is stepping down and allowing its own party to elect a new PM from its own members in May?

My opinion is that this coalition government is bad for Canadians because all of those who voted against Dion and his plan for the economy and the environment; which was a small stimulus check and a new tax that would have everything overpriced; would now have a PM they did not vote for which is about 75% of Canadians. I do not want Dion and some one who is 'yet to be determined' run my country regardless of whether or not the official I elected is taking part in the coalition. Who really wants a PM who encourages inflation; don't we pay enough for our goods and service? I really don't like the idea of a coalition government and talking about the current one leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. What's your opinion about the current Canadian political crisis?

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Melissa said...

I agree Majik, It seems that the opposition parties want to put all the blame on Harper for not working with them, well they need to be willing to work with the conservatives as well. The liberal are just being sore losers.

Shinade said...

Oh my Gawd did Bush visit before all of this happened? H seems to be very smart at rigging elections and taking over a country!!

He screwed us really good. But, his time is finally over thank the good Lord!

Properties in Bangalore said...

I voted for Obama because I was sick of republicans screwing up everything.

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