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Another Rant About Traffic

I have decided to write yet another post about bad drivers. After learning today that my parents were in a car accident, I feel compelled to say more about bad drivers. Granted that not every one on the road is a bad driver all the time, every body has momentary lapses of judgement every once and a while, but when you are in a rush to get some where, those momentary lapses increase in frequency. I guess my main point is, when you are in a hurry to do anything, mistakes will inevitably happen. We are all human and have our own unique flaws, but seriously, when you're driving a car, pay attention, other people need to arrive in one piece, not just you!

I was told that the person who turned in front of my Dad's van was turning into a Tim Horton's, the idea that a coffee could be more important than judging the speed of oncoming traffic well disturbs me. The bottom line is, its a coffee, you can make it at home, their is no real rush to get one. Now I'm only speculating, I haven't had a chance to find out all of the details, my parents were still in shock. But the idea of getting a coffee in a hurry causing an accident, was the first one to cross my mind.

From personal experiences, you can be in a rush all you want, when you have to place an order to get anything, there is always going to be a waiting period. Rushing to wait does not make any sense to me, there's no point to breaking the speed limit just to wait in a line up of cars at the drive through. Is any one with me here? We are rapidly running out of natural resources everyday, granted time is one of them, but if you're in your car and you really need to be somewhere, there are alternative routes, you don't have to risk an accident turning in front of oncoming traffic!

I can understand some of the reason behind why we rush about. But when you are turning or going in front of someone, there are certain rules of the road you should adhere to, the most important of these is to ensure you have enough space between you and any vehicle that could potentially run into you. It is imperative for every driver to ensure the "Safe" execution of a move in front of some one or turning left when there is oncoming traffic or simply pulling out into traffic. For every body's safety, please make sure you have enough time and space to make your turn or merge safely, we all need to arrive alive!


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