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More Than Meets the Eye!

I don't usually post any kind of review, but I have just finished watching Transformers, the recent movie. I must say it was by far the best movie I've seen in a long time. The graphics were awesome, and my favourite part of any action movie, the explosions were awesome! I highly recommend that you go out and get a dvd copy from your nearest store! Its worth watching over and over!


AntiBarbie said...

I expected the movie to be a bit corny but thankfully, they did a really nice job with it. There were even a couple of parts that made me bust out laughing and that's really rare for that type of movie.

Megha said...

I too loved the Transformers!
I had been lucky to get to see it in the theatre. In fact, I actually wrote a post on it in my personal blog :)

Do find time to read my take on this amazing movie in my personal blog.(among the July posts)

Keep up the good work

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