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An hour in a 24 hour grocery store

You gotta love those grocery stores that are open 24 hours a day! I have gone into the same store during regular business hours and the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes I think they don't have enough staff on the night shift, but for the convenience of doing some grocery shopping at night, its just fine. For all those who don't know, I usually work till late at night, and if I have forgotten to pick something up before I go into work, having a 24 hour grocery store within walking distance is perfect!

I don't recommend spending an hour in the store during the early hours in the morning, but if you have to, you have to! There are some cons to going grocery shopping late at night. The staff is busy trying to restock the shelves and only one check out counter is open. If you by chance happen to need to check out while they are on break, you may be waiting for a little while, I had too. Another is they may be out of a product your looking for, sale items may not be on the shelves.

There are some pros to doing your grocery shopping in the very early morning. For one, there's very few people in the store and you can take your time looking for what you want. Another, you don't have to worry about bumping into people you know, if you do, its a rare occasion. And if you're in a hurry, you don't have to worry about running people over while you shop, it can be very quick!

All in all, its just a convenience to have a 24 hour grocery store nearby. If you like to get special cuts of meat, you would have to go during the day, but if you're only going for special cuts of meat, just go to a butcher shop, during the day! Most of my trips at night to the grocery store are quick, its convenient and its quiet. What do you think, would you prefer to shop during the wee hours of the night or during the day?


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