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My Latest Addiction

Lately I have become addicted to traffic exchanges. Some of the sites on those manual traffic exchanges are quite interesting. My favourite would have to be StartXchange mostly because of the variety of websites. Most websites shown are splash pages, to encourage you the surfer to sign up to a program to make money.

There are other traffic exchanges, some of them are good, and some of them, well lets just say they're not the greatest. A couple other of my favourites are True View Traffic, Traffic Swarm, and Traffic G. All of these sites bring traffic to your site, just how much really depends on how much surfing you do. These are all manual traffic exchanges. You have to surf through members pages to get your page seen.

I like these four sites, I've found them to be addicting though. Feel free to check them out for yourself!


Visor said...

I joined a few of them as well....trafficg for instance...but I heard that you may get banned from from search engines like google for joining such sites which just funnel audience just for the sake of increasing your hit count...I'm not sure about this but be careful....

Majik2903 said...

I'm not showing my blog on them, just pages to get refferals for the only two paid to read sites I use. Its in adsense policies that the use of traffic exchanges will get you booted off and will not be able to have google ads on your site.

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